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Music Is Revolution Closing Party – Space, Ibiza



As Ibiza season draws to a close, Tuesday the 23rd of September saw ‘King of Clubs’ Carl Cox, bring the curtain down on his Music is Revolution party in the utmost style at the world’s greatest nightclub, Space.

Space Beach Club is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. These days the nightclub is a far cry from the small, beach club venue with a 300 capacity that specialized in day-time parties, when it first opened it’s doors in 1989. Over the last few decades the club has evolved with the popularity of the music, and the scene, into a monolithic institution of dance music and has been hosting legendary parties featuring the world’s most prestigious DJ talent, catering to the needs of thousands of elated partygoers, every night of the week throughout the Ibiza summer season.

Carl Cox has been an integral part of the Space Ibiza phenomenon. An ever-present figure since the early days, he has developed living legend status within the dance music and Ibiza community. Despite being over 50 years old he remains a pioneer of the electronic music scene and heavyweight champion of the underground. While so many have fallen by the wayside as trends in music change, Carl has remained at the pinnacle of his game and his Music is Revolution party every Tuesday night at Space is testament to his innovation and talent as a DJ; playing hard, unflinching, underground techno next to a hand picked selection of the finest house and tech DJs the world has to offer.

The line up for the closing party was nothing short of spectacular with fellow Ibiza legend Loco Dice heading the bill. DJ Sneak was on hand in the terrace providing hard, jacking house grooves that have become synonymous with his ‘I’m a House Gangster’ family. The label has quickly gained notoriety for its stomping dance floor fillers featuring plenty of groove and soul, delivered with a razor sharp edge. Sneak went down a storm and kept the dancefloor pumping ‘til close, dropping track after track of swaggering house music, packed with an unflinching attitude.

Yousef of Liverpool based Circus Recordings was present to share the task of keeping the terrace rocking until close while techno queen tiNi warmed things up nicely in the main room – which she had absolutely booming by 1.30am, when Loco Dice took to the Technic 1210’s, blowing the roof off the packed out, sweating Discoteca. This season saw the Ibiza crowd favourite playing only a limited amount of shows after Ushuaia decided against featuring his Used and Abused Desolat label party in their programme again this year. It’s a shame because the party last season was a shining beacon of credibility amongst the over the top glitz and glam cheese of the other, profit-driven EDM heavy parties which certain venues seem to favour.


 Loco Dice remains unfazed however and in August was given a Space We Love Sundays takeover to once again showcase his talents and the music of his Desolat label through the speakers of the world’s number 1 club. As always his set at Revolution went down a treat with the Ibiza masses, using a mixture of new and oldskool DJ techniques to deliver his unique brand of thundering techno much to the delight of wide-eyed, grinning crowd.

Next up Carl Cox took to the DJ box to a huge reception from the main room. It was an absolute joy to watch him get down to the groove with a smile on his face playing funky, happy, techno, continually driving the bodies on the floor in front of him into a perspiring frenzy; including Kryoman, the 10 foot tall LED robot dancer that shoots sparks and fire, while towering over the ecstatic room. Watching Carl up close you really have to admire his skill as a DJ using his mixer and effects boards with the touch of a master artist painting a vast and colourful landscape of sound. The music was exceptional and was only punctuated by Carl taking to the mic and giving his famous battle cry of “Oh Yes Oh Yes”; words that have become immortal within the dance music community. With powerhouse performances like this the 52 year old shows no sign of slowing down or wavering in popularity and long may he continue to be at the forefront of the scene, providing killer music at parties like this one for many years to come. 

The main room was closed by Loco Dice returning to the booth with Carl and the two of Ibiza’s most wanted played back to back until some point around 8am. The set was an awesome spectacle to behold with the two DJs combining their varied styles to create a wild tapestry of sound backed by constant rolling techno groove. The main room remained packed ‘til close with an electric atmosphere that intensified as the night turned to day.

It’s parties like this that have repeatedly gained Space the title of ‘World’s number 1 club’ and when it goes off, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the moment and lose yourself on the dancefloor. You cant help but marvel at the state-of-the-art, Funktion-One sound system, the stunning club dancers and quality of stage production that the club provides with such cool nonchalance. Business as usual for Carl though, who’s been at the peak of the DJ game for four decades now, with this party certainly doing no damage to his ‘King of Clubs’ reputation. So does it look like he will continue to pack out dancefloors and keep the bodies moving in Ibiza next season and beyond? Simple answer is, ‘Oh yes! Oh yes!’









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