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Montero – Part of Me


Montero_Grooves_Art.pngLabel: Montero GroovesScore: 8/10

With summer finally on the horizon after what’s seemed like a perenial winter, it’s somewhat refreshing to encounter a playful record that’s produced with warmer climes in mind. Montero’s Part of Me is the release in question, with its polished, clean sound indicative of days spent on the beach and at DC10.

The neatly arranged title track opens the package amongst a swelling cascade of tidy synths and some clever chiming bells and drum interchanges.

Before the Future” is the one, though, with its catchy-as-can-be hook and sporadic vocal adding a weighty dose of ambiance. Groovy yet lazy, it successfully entices the listener, with its sultry popping beats sure to prove a winner on the dance floor.

Sentiment” sets off on a sporadically deep journey that harks throughout, with its underbelly of flourishing synth-washes the cause of most of the excitement. An EP bulging with summery juices, and one that’s made with many different moments in mind.

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