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It was Monday morning; whilst the majority of the population were busy packing their briefcases and heading to work, I jumped into my bikini and prepared for Mobilee‘s first ever party in Ibiza at the poolside resort of Santos.

Having attended the highly acclaimed Mobilee rooptop parties at Off-Sonar in Barcelona which have been running for 7 years or so now; Ibiza seems like a natural choice of destination to add to their ever expanding label showcases worldwide.

First on the line-up was Igor Vicente, who earlier this year released his ‘Mystericordia’ EP on Mobilee. Igor laid down tracks that were fit for the poolside but still had that rolling edge staying true to the labels sound. Sonica were in session with one of my favourite hosts Karlos, taking things over for a live broadcast on radio; plus Be-At TV were hooked up ready with a top of the range fish-eye lense camera to catch the party in full swing.

As I take a seat in the sunshine it’s hard to miss the moment when the Mobilee crew arrive – Anja and the rest of her artists, label partners and friends all come together in convoy, bringing some team spirit and enthusiasm ready for the days event.

By 6pm the white wine was flowing and William Kouam Djoko took to the decks. He kicked off his set with some melodic grooves from Brett Johnson and kept the daytime vibe in check with Detroit style melodies and tracks like Delano Smith’s ‘Midnight Hours’. As the evening crept up on us, we headed towards peak time with tracks like Boris Werner’s ‘Acid Casino’ and Subb-An’s remix of And.ID’s ‘Erotica’ going down particularly well with the heads in the crowd.

By 8pm the poolside dancefloor was in full effect. William has a magic touch of stage presence and charisma behind the decks; and with his impressive music selection and it’s clear to see why he was appointed his Trouw Residency in Amsterdam. He rounded off his set with the beautiful DJ Koze remix of ‘Made To Stray’ by Mount Kimbie, which led in nicely to the beginning of Rodriguez Jr’s live take-over.

Equipped with iPad, laptop and various other instruments of choice, Rodriguez cleverly layered synths over 808 sequences and soundscapes which worked perfectly in the Balaeric surroundings. Re-creating many of his productions from scratch, he formed his own brand of techno laced with reverb and live melodies played out on his AKAI keyboard – a highlight being his own rendition of Rhythm Is Rhythm’s ‘Strings Of Life’ which gained much crowd applause. We also got to hear a sneak preview of his forthcoming collaboration with Cari Golden, some beautiful and hypnotic verses that got people talking.

As the sun went down and the pool lights went up, label boss Anja Schneider stepped in. It’s always a pleasure to see Anja play, and hearing her spin tracks like Audiojack’s remix of Copy Paste Soul featuring Jody Barr provided the perfect night time soundtrack.

Words: Anna Wall


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