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Mix Of The Day: Exclusive Deadly Vanity Mix



It’s nearly Christmas and that can only mean one thing. Gifts. So in the nature of the festive season may we present to you this exclusive mix from are Canadian duo Deadly Vanity. Consisting of Joel waznicky James MacGregor, together, they make ethereal, esoteric house music, the type of which is just as suited to the club as it is the home. Indeed, theirs is an eclectic sound palette, so much so that they actually started off making music in a rock band before making the somewhat unusual progression towards 4/4 strands. That said, it’s a decision that’s paid dividends thus far, especially where their debut EP on Bohemian Yacht Club, ‘World Stop Turning‘ is concerned.

With all this in mind, we called on them for a mix, and what they turn in is a splendorous listen that calls on classic and contemporary house music alike. Sit back, relax and enjoy our mix of the day. One thing is for sure – you’ll be hearing plenty more from these boys in 2014.


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