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On A Mission: Dana Ruh



Dana Ruh is a woman on a mission. Not only has she been touted by one to watch this year by taste-making portals such as DJmag, Mixmag and Beatport, but she’s backed up this burgeoning reputation with a string of astute DJ sets and quality-strewn productions; the most recent of which was Like a River, a collaboration with her fellow Brouqade member, Anthea. But what makes her and her label tick? Ahead of a busy summer that sees her touch down in Barcelona, Ibiza, Berlin and London, we picked her brain to unearth the answers to these questions, and much more besides… 

Summer’s coming up. what are you most looking forward to?

To some sun. After that winter, it’s needed! But I’m also looking forward to playing at some very nice festivals such as Sonnemondsterne. I’ll also be part of the Cocoon Heroes party at Sonar, and I’ll also return to Ibiza with the Zoo Project too. I’m also looking forward to our monthly night at Club der Viisionäre, too.

Have you been to Sonar before?

Funnily enough, this year will actually be my first time, so I’m especially looking forward to that one.

I gather it’s been a great year for you so far? What have been the highlights?

Yes, I’ve had a great year…DJ and production wise. I just try to keep moving forward, and everything this year seems to have gone to plan. So I’m blessed to be in a situation where I can do music and make a living out of it. Really, I enjoy every moment, there have been so many highlights, not least the label showcase with Brouqade at fabric, but also my first gig with the Cocoon Heroes. I can’t wait to see what the second half of the year brings.

You mentioned your label, Brouqade. It really seems to be growing in prominence recently thanks to some great releases by the likes of yourself, Alex Celler and Dragosh. What do you look for in an artist for Brouqade?

I think we look for a package; talented artists with great personalities and passion for music. They have to possess a will to get better and to learn to be a team player. We really like to support and to develop young talents, and also to continue work with already existing artists. Then there’s the music which should be something special…something out of the box and with emotions!

Is it just you in charge of the A&R or do you get help with it?

No, it’s not just me. As I started to think about re-launching the label a while back, I wanted to do more releases. My good friend Anthea and I, we pretty much share the same music taste so she was an obvious choice to work with. So, I had a chat with my colleague Ann about it, and we were both thinking that Anthea would be a great addition to the team. So Anthea helps me with the A&R, too.

Will you contributing to the label yourself again in the near future?

I will, and I actually already have some material ready. There’ll be a new EP in a few months, but I can’t say much more about it for now! 

I know one of the labels that you’ve produced for, Buzzin Fly, has shut down recently. how did you feel about it?

Well, it is sad as I felt really good working with them and it was/is a quality label! But there are reasons that I totally understand.

With everything in mind, what do you attribute the success of Brouqade to so far? Is there more than just hard work involved?

It’s the whole thing, the idea that counts and the team you have. It’s about the vibe – and of course, the music. And it’s about passion, but also about discipline. It’s about the artists you work with and all your business partners. If all this works well together…I guess

Then a lot is possible!

You were touted as one to watch this year, but are there other producers you’ve been keeping an eye on you think we should be looking out for?

All the artists on Brouqade! But also another artist called Daniela la Luz, who’ll be releasing her debut artists soon. She’s amazing so definitely look out for her work in the next few months.




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