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Mighty Mouse – Disco Circus Vol. 4


discocircus.pngLabel: Bears Eat FishScore: 7/10

Pretty much every compilation series out there suffers from genre drift at one point or another, and for Mighty Mouse’Disco Circus collection, four seems to be the magic number.  Not that the first three Disco Circus instalments were particularly disco, mind you, but they certainly had more of a disco feel than the current two-disc offering, which swings the pendulum from electroclash over to house and back again, with quick detours into styles as varied as funk, synthpop, and even some old-school trip-hop.   A lot of what’s going on here is reminiscent of some of the Ministry of Sound groove compilations of ten years ago, and frankly, that’s not a bad thing – this is frequently more of a Sunday afternoon vibe rather than a Saturday night one, and that’s really all right.  While this is certainly not a chillout album, it’s not hardcore dance, either – perhaps the term ‘disco’ here is more of a style metaphor than an actual declaration of genre.   As is always the case with these things, the discs in this set read more like two different collections rather than two sides of the same collection, and again, the switch-up is welcome.  Just as you get tired of the first disc, it winds down and heads into part two, a darker and more serious set of songs.  Highlights include the exclusive track ‘Inko Salsa‘ by Drop Out Orchestra, and a superb remix of Seasfire’sHow Do You Sleep‘, but in truth the whole second disc is very well put together from start to finish.   Although this is certainly a worthy successor to the other three Disco Circus compilations, Mighty Mouse has been really busy with other projects recently, and that seems to come across in Vol. 4.  There’s something just not as polished about this set as the previous offerings, and it’s unclear whether it’s due to distraction from his other work, or whether he’s simply starting to run out of viable ideas for these sets.  Mighty Mouse himself has said that he wasn’t even planning on creating Vol. 4, but that Lindstrom (who lends his classic ‘I Feel Space‘ to the collection) had encouraged him to make another one after being heavily obsessed with the first three.   All in all, Mighty Mouse fans are not going to be disappointed with this compilation, and it’s certainly worth having, especially if you’re a fan of previous volumes.  Just don’t expect quite the same level of energy as before, and be prepared for a slight shift in feel that some listeners may interpret as Mighty Mouse drifting away from his original intention.


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