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Mastersounds brings 390 gram turntable weight



A new product for vinyl DJs has been released which is a 390 gram turntable weight, which when placed on your wax helps stop skipping and dramatically improves low end fidelity and is pioneered by DJ Harvey, Rahaan, Dyed Soundorom, Ben Pearce and Darshan Jesrani but to name a few.

Developed by vinyl collector Ryan Shaw, Mastersounds brings you the finest audio accessories for the vinyl enthusiast. Having worked within the design industry for many years, Ryan now creates lovingly produced slick yet accurate products which enhance the vinyl playing experience. Also all the products are manufactured in the UK to the finest of specifications, thus helping the local economy and, most importantly, keeping quality control tight. 

Mastersound products can be purchased at www.mastersounds.co.uk and from Phonica Records London and OYE Records Berlin.


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