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Martinez – Keppont / Pygmalion

Data Transmission January 10, 2013

MartinezLABEL: SelfSCORE: 9/10Functional, if fairly nondescript techno has been a forte of Martinez’s output for some time now. If that sounds harsh, it’s not supposed to be; it’s just that his music he produces tends to work the floor with minimal fuss: the type of tracks that help the night’s momentum flow at a consistent – rather than spectacular – rate. The double A-sided “Keppont/Pygmalion” is the Danish producer’s most recent outing – and like much of what he’s turned his hand to over the years, it’s very much indicative of the latterly expressed sentiments. “Keppont” bubbles along nicely, with a smattering of percussion-laced elements among its finer points. Void of any sort of melody, it’s the beats themselves – rather than say, the bassline – that demands the listener’s attention. Intricate, sweeping chimes play a focal role in “Pygmalion”, a cascading, more groove-inclined number that retains a restless presence throughout, with this one not once stopping for breadth. The ‘Beats Dub’ meanwhile, diversifies on a very subtle basis, with more trademark Martinez drum interplay coming to the fore.   It won’t prompt any sort of dancefloor elation, but Martinez inagrual release for the Holland based Memoria imprint is more concerned with keeping matters at a steady pace rather than invoking any sort of crossover appeal. And all things considered, it’s a job well done.


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