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Marlon Hoffstadt: Love At First Sight



If you’re yet to encounter Marlon Hoffstadt’s anthem ”Shake That” yet, then you’ve either you’ve been sleeping under a rock the size of Ibiza or, failing that, you’ve stumbled across the wrong website. Either way, what’s not in doubt is the pedigree of the track; one that had bodies moving in unison all summer long on the White Isle particularly. A shrewd example of how to sample and handle a classic Nate Dogg joint, the track went on to be remixed by Jesse Rose, while Solomun and co. pretty much played it in every set they played this past summer. What’s more, the track is set to enjoy a new lease of life this winter, with Pete Tong’s FFRR label signing it, and re-releasing the original alongside a slew of remixes from some of the scene’s foremost tech-house heads. But as we soon discover, it’s merely the tip of the iceberg for the young Hoffstadt, with this precocious producer very much primed for great things in 2014. With previous releases on Stil Vor Talent, OFF and his own Well Done label, (not to mention the fact that latest EP, the stupendous Goodie Goodies has just landed), we thought it an apt time to call up Berlin to chat to a man who you’re sure to be hearing more of over the upcoming months…

Can you please introduce yourself to people as of yet uninitiated with you and your work? 

Hey, my name is Marlon Hoffstadt. I’m a 19 ear-old DJ and producer from Berlin, and I’ve been producing for 2-and-a-half years now.

And how would you best describe the music that you make? 

I basically do whatever comes to my mind. I don’t like to limit myself to one style though. To me, vocals are pretty important in order to evoke emotions from the listener, but as I said, I don’t like to limit myself. 

And how long have you been making music? How has your style and taste progressed through the years? 

I started around 2-and-a-half years ago and had my first release 2 years ago. That was also one of the poppiest records I released so far! It is called “You And A Lovestoned Ghost” and was entirely recorded with a singer, Amy Lyon. Since then, I’ve moved a little more towards club sounds. Definitely faster, harder and cleaner production-wise. 

You’ve teamed up with three different producers on your new EP for WellDone! Music. I gather you’re delighted with each of them we’ve been really enjoying the whole package! Did the EP end up exactly as you imagined then? 

The track with HRRSN is one of our older ones. We’ve been producing together for more than a year now and we simply dusted off one of our older tracks. ALAEV is a good friend of ours who’s become a part of the WellDone! Music crew recently and who currently lives in Vienna. He came along with a quite developed sketch and we finished the song together. Nicolai Toma is my flatmate and we simply work on beats together from time to time. So, that´s how this project came along really. 


Is there one track on the EP that you’re particularly happy with or proud of more than the others?

If I’m honest, NO! I think this EP is a really good mixture of everything I did last year.  “Keep A Dalla“ is more like a club-track; a real groover, whilst “Watchin You“, is a house-ier track with UK influences. And “Go Now“ is the pop track of the EP and not intended for club play.

Do you prefer working in tandem with other producers then? How does the collaborative process suit you? 

I love to work in tandem with others, yeah. Mostly I’m working with HRRSN, but I also like to collaborate with other artists, because I hate to work alone. 

What do you think the best and worst things are about electronic music in 2014?

I think electronic music got much more attention this year. We’ve had huge hits which have climbed the charts recently and I hope that lasts. 

What gear do you tend to rely on when producing? Do you have a favored way of working? Do you use analogue and software? Or a bit of both?

I work with Ableton and love to work on beats while I’m on the road. Those ideas then get finished off in the studio. For the most part I am using software as I have not been producing for that long now, and I think that I have to master this part before getting to analogue gear.

Tell me a bit about WellDone!, the label you co-run with HRRSN. What’s the thinking behind it? Have you always wanted to run your own label?

WellDone emerged out of a party that took place every Wednesday at Suicide Circus, Berlin. I’ve been running the label together with HRRSN for a year now, and we are pretty happy with the results as. It gives us a chance to work with many different artists and also to push each other too.

So how did you two meet then? And how does one benefit the other in the studio and when running the label? 

We met each other while skiing on the Alps. HRRSN came rushing down, the sun on his back –  it was love at first sight! 

Can you tell us about any exciting plans  you have for the label in 2014? What else is on the agenda for you personally?

2014 is going to be an exciting year. Concerning the label, I don’t want to give away too much, but there will be some great release coming out. It is going to get pretty melodic and a bit poppy and I am excited as to how people will react. 

For me, personally, it is going to be an exciting year as well. Together with HRRSN I have produced a few remixes for some renowned artists and we’re really forward to the release dates. There’ll also be a re-release of ”Shake That” on Pete Tong’s FFRR label, so watch out for that too! 


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