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The jungle is an endless cause of fascination, a colourful and exciting place full of characters and creatures from all backgrounds…It’s also the inspiration for Parisian club-night ManimalZ at the famous Queens nightclub on the Champs Elysses. Created by Paris promoters and DJs, Dan Marciano and Ben Larretche, ManimalZ has already proved a huge success since it started last summer. Vibrant, lively and full of energy, it’s successfully added a whole new dimension to a street better known for high-end designers than wicked fancy dress and cutting-end electronic music.

Yet while the party is keen to encourage its fancy dress ethos and party-starting spirit, it’s still one that indicative of its lavish surroundings. Indeed, every last aspect of the night is catered to with the sort of style and sophistication the French are celebrated for. The music plays a massively important role at ManimalZ too, just as guests such as Miguel Campbell, Puente & Rosch, Lee Brinx, Ilario Alicante and many more would suggest. So where do they go from here? And where’s the best place in the world to embrace your inner animal? The answer to both questions is the Balearic island of Ibiza, a place of charm and hedonism, and a setting that mirrors the ManimalZ ethos.

Having already gone to the White Isle last summer for a party that made spectacular use of the world’s largest club, Privilege, the ManimalZ crew are going one better this time around. This time, they’ll be hosting their own weekly party during the 2013 season at the club’s infamous Vista Room. They’ll be decking the place out in their own unique style too, with spectacular production such as a full-scale jungle environment a part of their plans.

20th June   VistaClub: Betoko, Puente & Rosh , Dan Marciano, Brech VistaBlue: Hosted By SHEI’K’BEIK:  Julio, Christian Burkardt, Andre Buljat, Hauswerks, Acid Mondays, Ken Fan, Concrete Music     27th June Closing Party   VistaClub: Climbers, Tough Love, Dan Marciano, Brech VistaBlue: Hosted By SHEI’K’BEIK:  Jakkin Rabbit, Julio, Panos & Setenza, Jason Bye, Clara da Costa, Ken Fan

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