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Barcelona’s finest, The nOD Music, in association with Data Transmission will be presenting two of London’s rising underground labels on 14th June. Lower East and Resonance Records will be going up against each other for the first time ever, in a Special 12 hour Open Air Showcase at the brilliant SARAU Classic – Open Air Terrace and ClubRunning from 12pm – 12am with an awe-inspiring line-up. With tickets at the small price of €20 this is a night out you can not afford to miss out on, so make sure you get your tickets quick.

With the line up containing the names of Alexis Raphael and Cozzy D  who is a multi-faced artist, who has been on London’s underground electronic scene for well over a decade now and been carving out his place in musical history. Along with them we will be seeing Johnny Mikes and Lee Brinx a true stalwart of underground electronic music. His role as an east London based DJ, producer, label owner and promoter has put him at the centre of an underground scene that is starting to yield its influence the world over. Spreading his diverse musical manifesto far and wide, Lee has become an established name on the scene, garnering critical acclaim and respect throughout the industry. With this still not being enough of a line-up, chuck in the brilliance of Max Chapman a man who stepped into the spotlight in 2011, his quick rise to the forefront of the UK’s underground house circuit had come solely as a result of his own passion, energy and talent. Having purchased his first set of decks at the age of 15, Max was quickly spotted by local promoters, and soon became a regular guest at parties all over the South East. Fast forward a few years, and Max is now being booked for some of the most prolific parties and venues in the UK, all falling for his crunching basslines and melodic grooves which we feel leaves max uniquely qualified as the best ambassador we could find to showcase that distinctive London house sound, this is a man you need to keep your eye on because he is going from strength to strength. Then add in Michael Jansons, No Artificial Colours, wAFF, WildKats and you can see that there will be a rush on for these tickets, so make sure you get yours now!

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