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Boat Parties

Many Croatian festivals have been born on the promise of sounds on a glassy surface and Love System was no exception. Weather had a catalyst effect on these during the week – a number being cancelled whilst those that chose to sail out into the storms were possibly made even better, an appropriately electric atmosphere emanating from bodies all packed into the one, pitching, canvassed over deck whilst DJs played with a backdrop of black clouds and lightning. Kolombo and SION can be credited with  providing arguably the most voltage crowd wise via the Kumasi boat party while Saturday’s Micron had the last laugh – sunshine finally emerging and Ben Pearce going back to back with Tom Demac as the sun set over still water. 

The Vibe

Any new festival has its hiccups. Rainstorms and subsequent related complications may have ruptured the fledgling festivals schedule from time to time but the crowd dug in. T-shirts were doubled up, pre drinks extended and the stages – now covered, ended up filled each night – rain and sea battering from all angles as the crowd set into a determinedly elated groove set down by hoodied DJs pushing out an slightly tougher brand of house.

There was magic at play here too. The size of the festival, the huddling into enclosures with that guy you saw on the boat, with a promoter, with Midland ordering a burger, gave the whole place a kind of house party magic. Strip back the lights and VIP camping and promo mixes and actually, all festivals seek this egalitarian, best mates for one night feel – and be it size, weather or emphasis on smaller parties, Love System had it in quantity. 


Love System’s size and community feel gave a rare insight into how festivals might have looked in the beginning. Get here before the crowd does. 

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