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Lord of The Isles – 301C Symphony EP



Label: Permanent VacationScore: 7/10 

Over the past few years Glaswegian producer, Lord of The Isles has garnered an adoring cluster of fans. Putting out releases on labels: Shevchenko, Firecracker and Phonica, as well as overseeing his own, Little Strong Recordings and a remix of the critically lauded John Hopkins, has set the Scot off on a definitively upward stream. 

His latest release, for the sterling Permanent Vacation, is sated with uncompromising, valve heated warehouse jams and cinematic soundscapes, singularly beautiful in their own right. The title track, ‘310C symphony’ rolls dashingly. Laced with a deep, tonal, beeping melodic line that drifts between states of drear and nirvana. The drums are dexterously set and understated, while bass chords seldom flush the track, giving it a blue mood. 

Following on with ‘Co2o’ and its raw, clipping kick drum and atmospheric shimmering shakers. Its a track with more positive life to it. A free flowing, buzzed acid line treads heavily through it, violin sections eke spiritual emotion and a light guitar melody occasionally seeps in.

‘Fyne’ begins reeking of sadness and loss, a minor keyed piano slowly plays, before augmenting in complexity and tone. A bubbling electronic melody line wanders on behind it and the percussive patterns keep you guessing as to where they are taking you. Half way through a discerning bassline adds complexity to the feeling of the track, at once tough, but also hurt.

‘Horizon Effect’ builds with an icy billowing melody that morphs under the pretence of the kick drum, with a gently raging bassline holding it strong, while the final track on release is a beat-less affair. ‘Western Electric’ again brings back the emotive violins and gently bobbing melodies, along the lines of Jacob Korn and James Holden’s less brazen work, with cries of wonderment from a child, its definitely the most light feeling of the group.

The Scot is gaining a reputation for the quality of his productions. Though they still sit in a slightly lower tier from his peers, they’re improving at each outing and releasing on such respected imprints as Permanent Vacation, can only mean he’s on an upward leading path.


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