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Loadstar: The future’s bright, the future’s perfect



More albums are coming out within the D&B genre, especially as it’s one that is dominated mostly by singles. Having released an LP what are your thoughts on the growing number of long players D&B is putting out now?

There are loads of D&B albums that come out each year with a lot of amazing music. I think it’s good on one hand as it reflects the healthiness of the scene and people always want to listen to and buy LPs. However I think it’s a bit sad when you hear some amazing albums that just get lost, maybe because of the time of year it comes out or coming out at the same time as four other D&B albums.

This has happened over the past three or four years and I feel that some really amazing LP’s have been massively overlooked because of a sometimes flooded market. Another thing I would say is that a lot of producers want to release an album when they’ve been around about a year and sometimes I think they’re not quite ready. But overall I reflect positively on this, because D&B is so strong at the moment worldwide and long may it continue!

One of the albums highlights for me is Be There. It’s a great mix of old school style with new school production. What are your three favourites on the album?

Here’s four:

‘Losing You’ feat Jenn D


‘Refuse to Love’


You’ve got a number of vocalists and rappers on Future Perfect. How does it feel working with someone who brings that extra element to the table as a producer? Do you work around what they can do or do they try to fit into what you’ve brought?

We were really fortunate to be able to bring the talents of Benny Banks and Scrufizzer to this album. Both artists were really keen to work with us so the tracks came together really easily. We sent off some beats and they came back with exactly what we hoped for so the collaborations came together really well. We were a fan of Benny ever since he appeared on Fire in the Booth. He is smashing it on the Grime scene and we loved what he did with ‘Black & White’ and Scru’s hard double time flow fit perfectly on ‘Do You Feel Me’. It was a departure in sound for us from the D&B stuff but a sound we wanted to represent on the album and we are really pleased that people have got it.

You were both making headway as solo producers before you formed Loadstar. It seems natural to view you as a duo but do you ever think about what things would’ve been like if you hadn’t have joined forces?

Not really. I mean we both had good things going on as individual artists, and you can always think the grass is greener. But we’ve got a good thing going on now and have had some amazing opportunities in music doing what we do so it’s all good! We have a good working relationship and it works for us. Plus its way more fun when it comes to being on the road etc!!

Festival season is steadily getting underway. One of the ones you are booked to play is the Nozstock Festival in July alongside the likes of Andy C, SPY & Kasra. You looking forward to it? What else is on agenda for the summer gig wise?

We’ve heard great things about Nozstock and are really excited for it. In fact it’s great that we’ve had loads of fans hitting us up on Twitter saying they can’t wait! It’s been a mad summer already, highlights being Glastonbury and EDC Vegas. We are looking forward to playing Secret Garden Party, Global Gathering, Kendall Calling and Dour to name a few plus a bunch more shows in the USA. It’s so awesome

Ram Records as a label has grown considerably, particularly in the last couple of years, with more additions to the roster than ever. What’s it like being part of such a big team?

Its great being part of such an influential label, there are a lot of new artists and amazing talent coming through and a big range of sound. It’s a really good time to be part of Ram and there is a definite family vibe amongst the artists. We all bump into each other at shows and we all get on really well.

An album is a long project as is the promotion. Will you both be taking a bit of a break or a well-deserved holiday anytime soon?

We’ll both get a bit of a break this year, I’m doing a few shows in USA then gonna have a week long holiday in Southern California with the girlfriend so it will be a nice time to relax!

Any final words? Shouts? Dedications? Messages to loved ones?

Shout to all the people attending Nozstock and Secret Garden Party this year, we can’t wait to see you there!!

Loadstar will be playing at Nozstock: The Hidden Valley Festival this year, which runs from 26-28 July 2013. They’ll be playing alongside Andy C with his RAM Records DJs, DJ Yoda, Mr Scruff, The Strypes and The Wytches in the beautiful rolling countryside of Herefordshire. See www.nozstock.com for more info. 



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