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LIVE MIX: M.A.N.F.L.Y Live from Flying Circus, Sankeys Ibiza



As part of our summer series of live mixes recorded at the Flying Circus parties in Sankeys Ibiza. You can check out the next in the series at the bottom of this page, courtesy of the fantastic M.A.N.F.L.Y*

After six years touring the globe staging raucous dance parties in far-flung geographic locations, from sustainable jungle communities to intimate cliff side rendezvous, Audiofly‘s Flying Circus touches down at Sankeys Ibiza for 13 provocative parties throughout summer.

Between 12 July and 4 October, the parties will balance superb DJ talent, from Carl Craig and Lee Burridge, to hot rising stars like Blond:ish and DJ Tennis, with an enviable selection of cutting-edge live acts including Matthew JonsonBenoit & Sergio and a special PA from regular Martin Buttrich. All this will ensure Flying Circus Ibiza is sure to deliver all we’ve grown to expect from the parties and then some.

*Please do note its just Philipp Jung (from MANDY) + Audiofly and not the full MANFLY.


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