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Linguistics tells us some of his favourite tracks


UK artist, MC and rapper Linguistics has built a name for himself on stage by combining hip hop lyricism and skillful wordplay with boundless bass music energy.

Starting out as an MC back in Bristol in 2010, Linguistics became heavily involved with the Drum & Bass scene. His career took a sudden flight in 2012, when he started working with DJ and producer, Friction. The duo hit up some of the most prestigious festivals around the globe, including GlastonburyGlobal GatheringTomorrowlandPukkelpop and South West Four

Inspired  by  the  likes  of JehstTaskforceBraintax and other key figures in the UK Hip-Hop scene, Linguistics was also writing and recording his own independently-released hip hop, as well as lending his bars to Drum & Bass tunes by the likes of SporIcicleFourward and Joe Ford, receiving support from key tastemakers like BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra and UKF.

Linguistics released his solo EP project entitled ‘Self-Medicated’ EP in 2018 which showed a new, more reflective direction for the young artist. This release saw Linguistics reveal a frank and honest personal insight into his life. Co-produced with childhood friend Charlie P – known for producing beats for Jorja Smith and Maverick Sabre amongst others – the record documents the rapper’s struggle with depression and anxiety.

“Writing was my therapy” he states, about the project which attempts to tackle the stigma around mental health. “Although it might be uncomfortable for some, it is so needed for myself and many others to talk about these things.”

With new music alongside Dogger, Mindstate and Blind Mic forthcoming, we thought it would be great idea to find out about the music that he’s really digging right now!

Fox, Blind Mic, FD – Just Chillin’

I can proper zone out to this tune. Blind Mic’s bars are sick, and Fox’s voice is like listeningto silk. Transports me to a different place which is much appreciated with the world in itscurrent state. This is taken of Fox’ ‘Square Dangs in the Key of Vibes’ Album and I highlyrecommend checking it!

Friction – Back To Your Roots 2021 (Ft Jonny L)

Wicked rework on this track…can always be a risky one going back in on a certified tune butwhen it’s done as well as this then it’s amazing. Big up my bro Friction, can’t wait to hearthis one on a big system!

Bou – Talk To Me

This is a big tune from Bou. His work rate is inspiring and I think he’s going to do hugethings. Love the pulsing bassline and drums on this one!

The Vision – Paradise (Ft. Ben Westbeach)

Another song I found during lockdown…I was scrolling through Instagram and there was avideo of a girl on a long board skating along a beautiful coastline at sunset somewhere. Thistune was playing over it and I remember it sounded like hope to me. It stuck with me eversince.

Duskee & Sl8r – Evolving

I’m a big fan of Duskee and everything he’s putting out at the moment. He’s a real talentand the lyrics and production on this tune are 10/10 – “Feels in the soul watch us heal as wegrow, we’re evolving” – amazing.​

Shy FX – Call Me (Ft. Maverick Sabre)

I’m still rinsing this tune…Shy is a genius & Maverick Sabre is an artist I’ve followed for along time. His voice is so unique and his releases are so diverse, hearing him on D&B isalways a vibe.

Slowthai – Feel Away (Ft. James Blake & Mount Kimbie)

Slowtai is a genius. Again, so unique and diverse with the music he puts out. You neverknow what you’re going to get from him and I love that. The link up with James Blake &Mount Kimbie on this one was amazing to see and even better to hear.

Machine Gun Kelly – Drunk Face

I grew up listening to all sorts of music and have always been a big fan of pop punk. Blink,Less Than Jake, Sum 41 etc…all that. This track and others on the album give me a welcomehit of nostalgia.

easy life – nightmares

Love how catchy this track is. I hadn’t heard of easy life until we went into lockdown lastyear so can’t wait to see them live as soon as possible.

Arlo Parks – Black Dog

Arlo Parks is one of my favourite artists. Always find comfort in her music. Particularly thisone. “It’s so cruel, what your mind can do, for no reason” – A lyric that will hit home foranyone who’s ever experienced ill mental health personally or as a bystander

Linguistics ‘Change’ ft. Dogger, Mindstate & Blind Mic drops on Shogun Audio this Friday (23rd July 2021) make sure you grab a copy from here


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