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We love a good duo here at DT. Batman & Robin, Daft Punk, Justice, we could go on all day. Another partnership we’ve long been fans of is that of Italians Nicola Daniele and Cesare Marocco, better know by their collective musical moniker of NiCe7. Sounding like an alternate universe’s answer to the seven deadly sins both Nicola and Cesare have been spinning records since their teens, and joined forces in 2005. For almost a decade now, they have been releasing original tracks and putting out various remixes for some of the industry’s most influential labels such as Noir Music, Suara, Great Stuff and most recently Defected. Their track “Point” on Gruuv Rec. was hailed as the best tech house record of 2011 at the Beatport Music Awards before their five-track Back to Basics EP, published by Noir Music in June 2012 propelled NiCe7 into the international music scene as the tracks earned support from acclaimed artists including Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Carl Cox, Solomun, and Dennis Ferrer, just to name but a few.
Their 2013 remix of the classic track “it’s yours” by Jon Cutler was then at the top of the deep house Beatport chart for months, and has been smashing dancefloors across the globe since last summer. This is a pairing with big plans for summer 2014

So whilst maintaining a seemingly stratospheric musical trajectory, due to play Defected In The House at Ministry on April 5th and having just mixed the third CD on new compilation Defected In The House Miami 2014 we thought we’d invite Nice7 to talk us through their 5 favorite records on Defected to see the influence the imprint has had on their career. 

Kings Of Tomorrow feat. Julie McKnight – Finally

This is one of the best house music tracks ever for us, it doesn’t need many words to describe it to be honest. We loved it then, we’re loving it now and we’ll love it for ever! Tenaglia’s remix has been in our bag for years too, it’s a wonderful tune. Two years ago we actually had the honour of playing alongside Julie Mc Knight at Koko in London and it was really excitingfor us to listen to her sing ‘Finally’ live. It was a fantastic experience, and it’s a track we think is the ultimate expression ofthis kind of music!

Dubtribe Sound System – Do It Now

We loved this track from the first listening to it. It’s classic, marvelous deep house from their album ‘Baggage’. The sampling of Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” is fantastic and it’s full of super cool piano riffs and amazing vocals. It’s by far Dubtribe’s most popular and well-known record and thanks to Defected, it has became a bit of a worldwide phenomena. We think it’s had about five years in our bag and it’s been in DJ charts all over the world for ages.

Johnny Corporate – Sunday Shoutin 

We originally bought this track on 4th Floor Records but then Defected licensed it and it got a lot bigger. It’s just got a wonderful vibe! We remember a night where a famous Italian DJ first played this track and it remained at the top for weeks and weeks before we could actually find it in our local record store. It was a lot more difficult to get records back then, so different from today, especially with everything being available digitally now and even more so with apps like Shazam. It was always hard to find the records that we listened to in the club, even if top DJs were playing them!

Shakedown – At Night

This was an awesome release with a monster remix package. Kid Creme and Mousse T gave a it a big new flavour too and it was always really hard trying to choose which remix to play! We remember playing the two versions in one night once actually; one at the beginning and one towards the end of our set, and that’s certainly not a thing that has happened very often over the years! A track with big memories for us.

Soul Central – Strings Of Life (Danny Krivit re-edit)

Again, we originally bought this release on his label, before it became a really big hit all over the world thanks to Defected. The original version by Rhythm is Rhythm was already beautiful and Soul Central were clearly inspired by it but it’s Danny Krivit’s edit that we consider to be a true house masterpiece. We fell in love with it from the first listen and we realised pretty early on that it could be a worldwide hit. We’ve closed so many of our sets with it over the years and it’s amazing how great it still sounds. We really think it’s one of the best tracks of the last decade!”

Also we can say that the ‘IN DA HOUSE’ series has influenced us so much over the years. We bought a lot of them on vinyl and CD too and generally, we think Defected have definitely helped define the scene from 1999 until today. We believe that they deserve credit for bringing house music to a proper level from the underground and therefore the expansion and success of house music over the years has to be linked back to Defected, their founders and everyone who has worked there.






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