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Let The Machines Do The Work



Our New talent this week was a massive surprise and had us absolutely buzzing around the office very shortly after hearing their upcoming efforts. What took us by surprise even more was that this wasn’t the upcoming release of a new big label signing but an underground foursome yet to get chewed up by the hype machine; making fresh music with a old skool vibe purely for the love of it.  So with great pleasure DT would like to introduce you to the very talented Brighton based quartet ‘Let The Machines Do The Work’ who with their catchy garage infused numbers and souful vocals will be sure to garnering lots of attention near you very soon. Remember where you heard the name first!

What is / Who is ‘Let Machines Do The Work?

LTMDTW started out when founding members Al Cowan and Jimmy day combined studios and set up a ton of vintage gear proper old school style; completely free of the computer! We wanted to make some stuff that was instant, so we would set up a mix bus and a load of synths and arps and just press play on the controller. From then on we were just tweaking and editing stuff on the fly, and when we pressed stop it was done. The first thing that came out of the studio was a mammoth 28 min live session that basically gave birth to the Machines. The Machines have now multiplied into a collective including Alex Over and vocalist Louis Howard Jones. It’s Louis’ vocal style that has taken the project into its current state, he is raw talent and not to be missed! Not that you could miss him, being 6ft8″, black and Welsh. Our main aim for the project is keeping him in check and out of prison. (Which he often frequents).

Quite an original set up then! If I could take you back to the beginning and ask you what first drew you to electronic music? What were/are your influences Where was your first gig?

We come from a variety of backgrounds and influences, but the basic things that bring us together are dark clubs, bass, house and garage beats. We love production that is dirty and grainy, we need to hear some proper dust and air moving in there. Influences coming in from all over… Everything from Kratwerk, Man Parish, Moodymann, Bill Laswell, to Maurice Fulton, Boddika, Loefah, Dauwd, and David Lynch. We could go on and on and on and on…

Could you tell us about the processes that you go through when creating your music? Is there a formula you adhere to or a looser organic process? 

We process our ideas in different styles depending on the moment. It could be that we fire up a drum machine, start an arp, sync an SH101 or work on a vocal idea with Louis. Generally though, we throw loads of ideas down at a page and then begin cutting everything out until we find something really hot.

How do you feel the rise of digital software has helped breed a new generation of young producers such as yourself?

Everything has changed in the game now… You can just sit on the sofa and make, mix and master a track in one session. So yeah there’s tons more good music out there and tons more shit. There are some amazing plug-ins and soft synths, and sonically it’s getting better and better. From our point of view we just like to mix old and new stuff. We use loads of in the box plug-ins and stuff and mix that with stand alone synths and compressors.

What will your first release be and on what label? Would you like to put your tracks out on different labels or keep your alliances to one ?

Our first release is a track called “One Love” and is due for release on Brighton’s own BLAH BLAH BLAH label (weareblahblahblah.com) in the near future. It felt like a natural choice and we are sure to maintain a future alliance with the label but of course we’ll be looking for different label to support us depending on the release. Our label relationships will hopefully happen naturally as momentum builds but we are definitely in the process of considering putting out albums as much as singles and EP’s. 

Are there any potential collaborations with any other acts in the pipeline? Who would you really like to work with?

We are still finding our sound at the mo and haven’t got any other collaborations at present though we are going to work on some new material with vocalist Rachel Adajeye. We’ve also done a whole bunch of remixes and Live Jams.

How do you see yourselves marketing your music online? Do you have a strategy yet and how important to do see social media being to music in the future?  

We have been putting up our live sessions monthly and keep that a consistent thing so there is always something new going on. We got our site up- http://www.letthemachinesdothework.co.uk/ and soundcloud etc. It’s all about social media for music now, that’s where people spend most  of their social time when not out so that’s where you gotta be playing!

What do you do to relax? 

To relax we make live jam sessions!

If you could play a gig literally anywhere, where would you want to play?

Any hot beach location- except definitely not Clacton or Weston-super-mare!

Usually when new talent emerges such as yourself they also bring a new wave of other underground producers they know and really rate to the forefront. Are their any other rising stars you’d recommend us to watch out for?

There is a young gun called Swoon making future garage type stuff but in the very early stages at the moment, We have been watching a guy called Drumtalk who has a few releases out on Thisismusic and Soundwave Records. There is a group called Anushka signed to Brownswood who are about to do big things, so watch out for them!  

What does the future hold for Let The Machines Do The Work?

Yeah working on our second single, and getting on some remixes in the bag. Getting out DJ’in and aiming to get a live show up and running by the summer with the 4 of us.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about check out some garage and disco infused techno below…


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