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LD Nero – Anticyclone EP



Label: Barba

Release: Out Now

The boys at Burek, Croatia’s staple imprint for underground house, have brought Barba, the wise old man of techno to the fore. Focusing on a more analogue, acid tinged classic techno sound, the debut EP from LD Nero speaks volumes about the Imprints endeavours and teases us nicely through three solid tracks of heads down timbres that are destined to kick off this second imprint in fine fashion.Anticyclone opens up with Eddy, powering through with a straight up, driving bassline, flanked by soft synths and psych-nuances and pinned down by an electro- boogie tinged grooves. EP favourite Flow Pattern notches the tempo down a few gears, warmed up by a soft shimmering melody and a more grooving feel than the instant mechanisation of Eddy. Finally, Gyre is weighted down in shape shifting polyrhythms, before a major tonal melody sweeps into earshot on the drop. An imprint that sniffs of quality in its early stages, we look forward to hearing what catches this wise old ‘Barba’ will bring back with him to shore.


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