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Lake People – Night Drive


artworks-000081432857-efe0z2-t500x500.jpgLabel: RumorsRelease: Out Now

Intelligent, intricate and almost introspective house music has been Rumors modus operandi from the get-go, and from the looks of things, the next chapter in Guy Gerber’s storied musical career is set to be just as fascinating as his opening salvo. Following on from a bevy of well-received releases, Gerber allows burgeoning house talent, Lake People, to take sole control for the label’s latest EP. And Lake People doesn’t just keep up his side of the deal. If anything, in fact; this is Rumors most exceptional release to date.

Regardless of the fact that the German gives absolutely nothing away about himself, his is a musical talent that’s still very much worth keeping an eye out for. Lazy cliches aside, he (she? They?) let the music do the talking, and that’s no bad thing when the end result is as basking in quality as what’s on show here.

So, in spite of the fact that there are only two tracks on offer here, the producer uses every last ounce here to force an impression. ”Night Drive” is the sort of melancholic, almost ambient number that – like the similarly titled Model 500 track – hints at a futuristic place that’s stuffed with curious ramblings. A real joy on the ear from the get-go; this one is sure to keep your attention intact. B-side ”No Turning Back” traverses through a vaguely more rugged and straight-up road, as it engulfs the listener in a haze that’s not too dissimilar to what’s arrived before. Majestic stuff from a producer who, at this rate, is sure to have to come out from under that shell


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