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Label Profile: Integrity Records



Founded in 2016 and brainchild of highly respected Singapore DJ and producer Eddie Niguel, Integrity Records has seen a string of successful releases over the years.

Featuring both emerging and established international artists such as Tony Lionni, Whitesquare, Kiko Navarro, Copy Paste Soul, Dachshund, The Model, Scan Mode, Kocleo, David Jackson and the label founder himself, the fledgling label is rapidly gaining a wide fan base with a focus primarily on high-quality deep underground house and peaktime mainroom cuts.

We invited on this months label profile and asked Eddie Niguel to tell us more about the label and give us the big tracks on the label. He has also put together a label sample mix for you to check out the vibe of the label.

When and what inspired you to start your own label?
I started the label in 2016 as a primary outlet for my own productions, a platform where I can have full creative control and make all the decisions. After many years working in the music business which gave me some good and bad experiences, I decided to take it upon myself to manage my own music. I felt that the time was right and I figured if I put in the same amount of effort and energy into helping other people realize their dreams as I would in mine, I think things should be alright. After the success of the first release, I started receiving demos from producer friends asking if I was keen to release their music and that’s pretty much how it expanded and one thing led to another.

Why did you choose the name?
I shared with a colleague of mine that I was planning to set-up my own record label and told him that I was looking for a name that reflects my taste in music or personality and asked him if he had any ideas or suggestions. We somehow ended up discussing about ‘Character’ and he mentioned that over the years that he has known me, my level of Integrity has always been admirable to him. I thought that would actually be a cool name for a label, it’s open-ended too, meaning I wouldn’t have to worry about genres and switching up musical styles if i needed to, which was an important consideration for me as well. I knew it wasn’t gonna be an easy task to live up to such a name but i decided to take up the challenge anyway.

Which artists are on the labels?
At present, we’ve had tracks and remixes from both the established and emerging artists; Kiko Navarro, Tony Lionni, Greg Gow, Whitesquare, Copy Paste Soul, Dachshund, The Model, Kocleo, NT89, Scan Mode, Panteros666, David Jackson and myself.

Which DJs play your music?
Too many to mention on here, we have been getting plays from DJs across all genres of Electronic music. With less than a dozen releases on our catalogue, it has been really encouraging to have the support from legends such as Leftfield, DJ T, Laurent Garnier, Timo Maas, Terry Francis, Danny Tenaglia, Danny Howells, Lee Burridge, Michel De Hey, 2000 And One, Colin Dale among others and from some of the hottest names in the industry including Âme, Marcel Dettmann, DJ Bone, Kölsch, Josh Wink, Anja Schneider, Dusky, Catz ‘n Dogz, James Zabiela, Prins Thomas, Fabrice Lig, Jus-Ed.

Proudest Integrity Records moment?
More than a few id say, watching dons like DJ Bone, Kölsch and James Zabiela having a smashing great time playing our releases at Festivals and Clubs around the world, to having land our first BBC Radio 1 play courtesy of Kölsch (again) and double track chart placements of our releases on our favourite DJs Top 10 charts are just some of our proud moments. Also, this very label feature on Data Transmission as well, it’s a first for us… 🙂

What’s coming up on the Integrity label?
We just put out the labels 2nd-anniversary release special recently, coming up in the next few months would be Part 2 and 3 of our ‘We Are Friends’ collab EP series featuring Dachshund + Myself and The Model + David Jackson respectively. We have a couple of new signings in the works for next year which I’m really excited about as well but I’m trying to keep our operation small and focus on quality rather than quantity, it helps keep it manageable for me, it’s easy to forget that the label is only 2 years old so I’d like to leave room for growth.

Advice for wannabe label heads?
Running a label is time-consuming and challenging. You definitely have to put in the hours, you will also require both the A&R and business skills, especially if you operate alone. I think it’s also important to have a vision and stay true to it even in difficult times, it will show your commitment to your followers, but most importantly always try to make sure that the quality of the releases is right up there with the best.Try to be fresh or unique, every label is trying to get their music some attention so so being fresh or different might just give you that extra edge.

Plus 5 Essential Label releases: (include players)

1. Eddie Niguel ‘The Ritual’ (Greg Gow Remix)

2. Kölsch playing Kocleo ‘Unity’ (Whitesquare Remix) on BBC Radio 1

3. Kölsch playing Whitesquare ‘Poise’ @Ushuaia, Ibiza

4. DJ Bone playing Eddie Niguel ‘4 The People’ @DJ Mag HQ

5. DJ Bone playing Eddie Niguel ‘Absolute’ (Panteros666 Remix)