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Kove – Gone



Label: ProgramScore: 7/10

After being one of the first few releases on Program since the labels inception last year with Iodine/Open Ground, up and comer Kove once again returns to the fray with his new single Gone.

Taking things down a more liquid route this time round, Gone is a real stripped back roller. Dreamy pads and atmospherics compliment the warm and ever so slightly wobbly sub lo bass and vocal break. Those elements provide the tune with bounce and groove as the drums shuffle this one along at a steady pace. It’s not all niceness though. Dark synths interweave before the breakdown, giving it that tech edge we’ve come to expect from Program releases. Digital heads be sure to check the 6am Mix, changing the balance of the tune with redrafted drums and a change in the bass line giving it an old school jungle feel.

Airlock on the flip keeps the tone much the same. A distorted vocal loop, stepping percussive breaks and more deep pads combine to give it an almost ethereal feel. There’s no mistaking upon listening to Airlock that it’s definitely a tune to listen and get immersed in than target a dance floor with. Put it on through a decent set of headphones and you’ll understand what I’m getting at.

Kove has certainly shown some diversity and maturity with these tracks, in particular Airlock. Both tunes are a little left of centre for what we’ve come to expect of Program so far who, as previously stated, have tended to keep to the techier side of things. A little trip outside of the comfort zone never really hurt anyone though did it?


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