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5 Minutes With… Kill Frenzy



In 2012, Kill Frenzy signed to Claude VonStroke’s San Francisco based label, dirtybird. Kill Frenzy AKA Sébastien first caught our eye here at Data Transmission last Summer with the release of his iconic ‘Booty Clap’ which went on to spread like a virus, infecting DJs as diverse as Soul Clap and Skrillex. Now a year on his debut album Taylr Swift has been released

We caught up with him to talk playing in America, the album, and girls with no pants on…

You’ve got some pretty big tour dates coming up this fortnight in the US, including Hard Day of the Dead. Having played only a handful of shows in Europe, why do you think it is that you are in higher demand in America than elsewhere?

I think The Dirtybird sound works better in the USA, certainly right now, because its closer to something they already know and in Europe it might be the other way around. Having ghetto house type of vocals on it makes it also sound more American. 

Having grown up listening to names like Jeff Mills, Green Velvet, DJ Godfather, David Clarke, and DJ Funk; what was it like for you to working alongside DJ Funk on ‘Booty Clap’?

Thats an interesting one. I never actually got to work directly with Funk. I originally made the track using one of his vocal samples. We approached him about the track and it soon became a ‘featuring’ release. I was more than happy about this and i’m hoping that it will lead to us working together on something soon. I recently got to hook up with another of my heroes, DJ Deeon, which was amazing and again… I’m hoping that in the future we’ll be able to do something together.

Your new album ‘Taylr Swft’ is out next month which we’ve been getting pretty excited about. Can you tell us a bit about how it came about?

Claude asked me a year earlier if i wanted to make an album but I wasn’t ready for it. It didn’t make sense to me at the time.. A year later I was on the phone with him and I told him I had worked on a bunch of tracks but the only place I wanted to really release them was dirtybird. The idea for an album came back up so I then I really began working on an actual album. It was a weird and interesting journey. It made me think a lot and was stressful at times but a very positive experience! Making this album taught me a lot of new lessons. I am proud of with the work I have put together. Now I can let it go, it’s not mine anymore.

And I read that he didn’t want to release it as he didn’t want anyone else to hear them, that’s pretty impressive…

It’s amazing seeing one of your favourite DJs ​play half of the album in one set, it’s pretty special. He’s been telling me all year that he can’t stop playing the album tracks in his sets. Thats gonna be a huge boost for anyones confidence, right? Having the label boss believe in what you’re doing is huge.

A lot of songs on the album are pretty sexual ‘Make that Booty Clap’, ‘All Night Long’ ‘No Panties’ etc Would you say that this is something that came from your music after you had produced the tracks or is it something more embedded in your process of production?

It’s an extension of the music ​. I listen to al ot of Ghetto house. At one point I even listened to it almost exclusively. It must have rubbed of on me. [Laughs] My thought process on production comes back to the original feeling I had when I discovered Dirtybird. It is fun music that doesn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time it has depth and substance to it.

Talking about ‘No Panties’ All these girls…Vanessa? Sabrina? Christina? Aleeya? Are these real experiences or just works of fiction?

I was just sitting in studio ​dancing around ​having fun and just thought up these names​.​ It just popped up randomly, there’s no actual rhyme or reason to the selection. I wish there was. [Laughs.] It was giving me a real buzz when I was making it and, for me, I think that shows true in the actual song. ​Girls, feeling happy, no panties.. Go figure! 

And you’ve recently moved to Berlin. What do you think of the music scene there so far?

I only moved here​ two weeks ago. I’m excited to explore the city and I really like the atmosphere. I set up my little​ studio just now, so I’m really excited to start working more and go out and hopefully meet up with some interesting music makers. Berlin is renowned for the being the place for musicians to join forces, jam and be creative. I’m excited for this new period of my life and following the release of the album i’m ready to absorb what the city has to offer. I’ve now got a new blank canvas on the music front, so lets see whats gonna happen…

So what’s next for Kill Frenzy?

​My album! I’ve got a whole bunch of US dates including the HARD Day of the Dead event with the rest of the dirtybird crew and then its back to Berlin to soak up some of the winter atmosphere and make a whole bunch of new music. Watch this space!!

Taylr Swft is out now via Dirtybird. Get your copy here

Words: Amii Little


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