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Keinemusik: Adam Port Vs &ME



Keinemusik is not a record label as you know it. A collective of Berlin based DJs and producers it is considered to be more of a movement than an imprint to fans and founders alike. Thus with such a different attitude taken to running a platform it should come as no surprise that the artists on the label are equally innovative in their approach to the scene.

One sentence in to Adam Port’s biography and you know this is an artist that does thing differently. The opening line reads “Techno’s biggest flaw is its self-referencial tendency” before reeling off a paint by numbers account of how most DJs and producers claim they were first exposed to techno. Coming from a hardcore background, then journeying through hip hop before reaching the promised land of techno, Adam is nothing if not unconventional. Drawing influence from across the musical spectrum from Dub,  to Danchall to Rap, Soul and even Psychedelic Rock Adam sees opportunity where others see challenge.

The modestly named &ME however took a more linear root into electronic music being a natural fit with his emphasis on style and groove and after coming from Hamburg to Berlin in 2004 his talents were soon recognized by the likes of DJ Hell and DJ T. who hired him as their co-producer. An extensive international touring schedule soon followed as  did remixes for the likes of Roxy Music, Tiefschwarz and Anthony Rother. It was however when he dropped his first solo productions that he finally made himself a name in a quite unparalleled way. “F.I.R.” – his first release on keinemusik, the label he helped found in 2009, was a massive club hit, but in the end not much more than a indicator of things to come. Releases and remixes on Front Room, Souvenir, Rebirth, Liebe*Detail, Saved then. followed, further forging his reputation as a gifted producer and DJ extraordinaire.

With a new 4 track EP out KeineMusik entitled ‘Work Party 4’ out now featuring efforts from Adam Port, &ME, David Mayer and Rampa we thought we’d let Adam and &ME ask the questions as well as give the answers…


&ME For Adam Port

Six years have passed and I still don’t know what your black block tattoos are covering. What’s up with that?

They cover nothing. I thought it was a good idea to ink such a big space black. It’s not relay finished to be honest, but it was so painful on some spots that I decided to go on later. Later means that now 15 years have passed and nothing happened. I don’t know if I will ever finish it. I am totally in the mood to get some new ink but I have no idea what. 

Everybody has his special toy while traveling. Tell us about your favorite gadget.

I know it sounds strange but I’m often taking a nasal douche on tour. I had a problem in getting sick really fast with all the air conditions in the planes and hotels plus the dust and smoke in the clubs. So I try to use it always when I’m back in my hotel after the show and I have the impression that my healthiness improved. Sound’s really bourgeois and German right? 

What was the worst thing that every happened to you while DJing, traveling or sitting in the studio. 

One of the worst travel experiences was some weeks ago with you and David Mayer. It was on our flight from Berlin to Frankfurt when we smelled something strange in the air just minutes after taking off. We turned around after 10 minutes and landed back in Berlin where the firemen were already waiting for us. Nobody told us exactly what was going on but I read in the newspaper the next day, that there was a fire in the cockpit. 

The airport is right around the corner and we expect some heavy flight cancellations when the first snowflakes are coming down. What do you do when you have an unexpected weekend at home?

I  have just had one of these unexpected free weekends. You know that we had to cancel our Keinemusik US Tour because of visa issues. I spent the whole weekend with my girlfriend. We went to museums and cinemas, going out for dinner and long walks around Schlachtensee. No partying, no raving, no clubbing just some quality time, I love it!

I know that you are a Berlin coffee junkie. Tell us about your favorite place to get a shot… 

Oh yes! I really love good coffee. This is also a reason why I love to play in Italy. The food and coffee are the best! Now back to my favorite spots in Berlin. I live in Kreuzberg and Cuccuma (Zossner Strasse 34) & Chapter One (Mittenwalder Straße 30) are the 2 places I go to the most. Both have a great vibe and great people running the places. I also love Double Eye in Schöneberg (Akazienstraße 22) and Röststätte in Mitte (Ackerstraße 173). There’s nothing better than starting a day with a quick flat white in the morning when the streets are still empty. This is my favorite time of a day. 

I’m already struggling with Christmas presents. Do you have any gender neutral sure shots?

A sure shot? Not really, but I love to give something as a present that you can dissipate. No matter if this is a perfume or a trip. My mom will get a trip to Thailand for example. 


Adam Port For &ME

You are originally  from Hildesheim. What was your incitement to leave your hometown and go to Hamburg and later on Berlin? How was your impression when you arrived here? 

When you are born and raised in a small town or village you might want to see some different places in the world. I started with Hamburg cause I liked the city and the alternative service (I skipped the military service) made this very easy. After that my career as a student led me to Berlin. I wasn’t enjoying Berlin that much coming from Hamburg because everything looked grey and grumpy. My plan was to leave after a year but somehow I figured out how Berlin works (thanks to Weekend, Rio and Panorama Bar) and I stayed for another 10 years. It’s efinitely the best place for me to hang right now.

I think one interesting fact about you that you are an enthusiastic jogger. Tell me how do you prepare for a marathon?

I have a little battle going on with my brother but I think I will be able to beat his time next year if I keep it down a bit at the weekends. The last marathon I ran was 2008 or something so a was a bit lazy over the past years. It was quite hard for me to get back to my original stamina but two to three times running a week for an hour or even two did the trick, I just hope the upcoming flu won’t wash everything away.

Breaking Bad season 5 is now over. What are you watching right now? 

Definitely “Homeland”. This is one of my favorite series right now and I am trying to pace myself every Sunday to watch at least three to four episodes in a row. I tried some other stuff as well but nothing is as addictive as this. To minimize the time between the episodes I’m watching “Dexter” and am currently watching “Orange Is The New Black”.

What are you favorite tools for producing? Any filters or synthesizer that you are always use in your tracks?

If you see one of my projects you will always see at least 20 times the “Golden Knob” which is now silver (too bad) and called “Sonalksis Creative Filter”. The other thing I use very often is the TAL reverb. But I use it more as a slapback delay than a reverb. It gives some percussive elements more space in the mix.

What is the best memory of a show you’ve had this year? 

There were plenty of shows that I liked this years but our Keinemusik night at Stattbad is the one that really stands out. It was the first time that we ever played at this venue as a team and we were pretty excited how everything will turn out. It’s an empty pool with a tilted dancefloor  and you are standing at the bottom of it. So as the pool filled up it was an amazing view from down there – almost like playing in a theatre.

What’s the plan for 2014 and what can we expect from &ME and your other project Terranova?

I am working on a collaborative track with Nic Fanciulli for the Saved 100 compilation right now. This will be the kickoff for next year followed by a new Terranova EP on Kompakt. I’ll still be keeping it low with the releases so I’ll come up with some new Keinemusik stuff for sure plus remixes for friends. That is the basic structure but you never now what happens as 2014 is going to be Keinemusik’s fifth birthday – really looking forward.

Check out Keinemusik’s latest EP below:


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