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The Journey Begins: Victor Calderone


Victor_Calderone-Brooklyn.jpgYour latest release on Waveform Recordings ‘Cheap and Deep’ is getting amazing feedback, what do you think they key behind the success of the release is? 

I think it’s a great track. It has that classic organic sound and arrangement. The extended wide open structure, it’s reminds me of the way we used to arrange when we would hit record on the tape machine and just mute and un-mute tracks from the mixing desk and then start editing all these sections together. You don’t hear that much these days so I think it’s refreshing. It’s more work to approach a track in that way but the end result is very different from sitting in front of your computer screen working on your arrangement. Plus, who’s not a sucker for a good TB 303 line?Are you a fan of the modern era of production in terms of laptops or are you more of a hardware fan?

I’m a fan of both, I come from an all hardware background but now I use a bit of both. I feel if it’s working for you and helps spark the creative flow then use it to get the results you are looking for. You also want to be careful and not over do it with to many options. I have had better moments in the studio with very little gear that I forced results out of. Less is always more.On the events side, you have played Enter this summer over in Ibiza, how was that? 

It was a great night. It was very inspiring to work with Richie and the ENTER. team. He has been making a massive effort for the night. He is continually pushing the envelope and coming up with super creative ideas to keep the night fresh. The line ups have been stellar. ENTER. Is definitely a must if your visiting Ibiza.You will also play a special show over here in UK at Egg, how does London compare to other major cities? 

I’m really looking forward to playing at Egg. It’s been some time since I’ve played London so I can only speak  on how my past experiences were. London has always been a tastemaker city with a very open minded audience to play for and as a DJ you can’t really ask for more. You don’t find that very often and I feel that’s what sets it apart from many other city’s.Finally what is on the horizon for you? What releases can we expect on Waveform?

I’ve been tying to make an effort to spend more time in the studio to work on my own original productions. Nicole and I are planning another collaboration too. We also have some great Waveform releases coming up. Reset Robot, Pig & Dan, Dubspeeka and The Junkies just to name a few so exciting times lay ahead.

You can catch Victor live in London for Familia alongside Sasha Carassi, Christian Burkhardt, Manic Brothers and Him Self Her at Egg London on Saturday September 7th. For more information and tickets click here


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