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Joris Voorn: Special Connections



This Saturday sees the return of leading global dance music brand Cocoon to London. Alongside the high level of production and line-ups synonymous with these parties this year’s big pre-Christmas bash has the added dimension of taking place at Building Six at the O2. Having previously not been as successful a space as one would expect, this year the established London Warehouse Events (LWE) team, in collaboration with multinational corporations AEG and O2, have put the space to use with previously tried and tested large capacity events. The team behind LWE have ambitious plans for their project at the venue: “Our aim is to bring in a wide variety of artists that have helped to pioneer different areas of electronic music, working with some of the world’s leading record labels and event brands to do this”. At a time with new start-ups flourishing, muddled with old venues submerging secondary to substantial financial burdens it is certainly a courageous undertaking. LWE have a strong track record for sustained success however, and this combined with their aspirations to provide something new is perhaps the key to a successful campaign at Building Six. “We’ll aim to bring in all the bells and whistles that an LWE event brings in terms of production, whilst providing a platform for innovative producers to connect with London’s growing electronic music community”. Certainly the venue affords LWE a more exciting platform for large-scale events with regard to production. There is also a suggestion of an element of community awareness and perhaps a more holistic approach to this project than what first meets the eye.

Previous Cocoon events have been staged with almost flawless execution at the Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, with it’s vast arched ceilings and raw, industrial connotations. The move to Building Six from a tried and tested facility itself poses risks: Great Suffolk Street is one of our favourite venues in London, but being under a railway bridge it does have its disadvantages”. Furthermore, LWE drew our attention to the many advantages of the move: Building Six is a purposefully built club venue, with the bodykinetic dancefloor and sky walk being two of it’s features that make it like nothing else in the city. The layout and design of the space also allows for minimal congestion, a nice flow through the club and short queues on the bar”. The venue we know has an exceptional soundsystem and good acoustics. Building Six’s architecture and design incorporate a lot of exposed brickwork and beams that stay true to the archetypal dance music venue formula. Beyond this, Building Six also boasts a VIP area that is accessed by a skybridge with its panoramic views. Previous Cocoon parties held at the venue during its term as Matter saw Cocoon boss Sven Väth take to the VIP area for some rather memorable afterhours parties!

Amongst a host of headline acts due to perform on the night, Joris Voorn accompanies Sven in Room 1. A name that has appeared on almost all of the festivals and club nights of 2013, Joris Voorn has enjoyed an outstanding year of success. His ability to play across the spectrum of deep, groovy house to raw, driving techno not only makes for a degree of surprise but also a malleability to accommodate all vibes.

Hailing from Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Voorn began producing in the early 2000’s with his very first EP garnering support from the likes of Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier. To follow up such a huge feat with further success may have felt an impossible task at the time, though his productions, through meticulous attention to detail, are constantly improving and continue to be huge successes the world over. Having produced numerous singles and two artist albums his most recent release, “Ringo”, took on yet another style of dance music to devastating effect. Voorn trialled the track for quite some time on the dancefloor before its release, eliciting anticipatory rumours and excitement even prior to its release. With a third album in the offing we can probably expect him to be testing out further releases at the Cocoon party in London this weekend.

You’ve had an extremely busy summer. Has it been your busiest so far?

It’s been a very busy one. Ibiza has been really busy and that really adds to the summer schedule as it’s a bit troublesome to fly into Ibiza all the time and then getting out again! Adding that to a busy festival schedule and it all really mounts up. All things considered though, it’s been a really amazing summer and I have absolutely no complaints.

You’ve not really had a break either as soon after it was ADE.

Yes, ADE was really good as well. The actual convention was probably the best so far. It’s getting ridiculously busy and popular. I think there were around 300,000 people around the city so it’s difficult to do parties with good line-ups. That’s been one of the challenges this year, to get a good line-up together. I was very lucky to have Breach and Scuba in the end and Mathias Tanzmann who was hosting the other room. We had a really great warehouse, one of the nicest venues you could possible find. A big space, very raw and industrial with a really nice and almost, I would say, cosy atmosphere. It was fantastic.

ADE has grown tremendously and it is no surprise that pinning down artists for exclusive performances is getting more and more difficult. You’re enjoying a slightly less busy touring schedule post-ADE and as the year draws to a close are you able to reflect on the most memorable moments?

I think the summer in general was very special, especially because of the weather that we had in Europe, which was exceptionally good. Usually there’s a lot of rain and there are a lot of festivals in Holland where it rains almost every year. This year I played at some great festivals with a super nice vibe. Also some summer clubs in Croatia have been really amazing this year. Croatia is becoming a bit like Ibiza but without quite so much craziness. Then there have been great North American gigs as well but when you do so many gigs it’s hard to think about which one was so amazing!

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