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Whilst were on the topic of genres it’s noticeable that a few years ago you were playing more house, whilst in recent years you’re playing a lot more techno. Can you comment on this?

Well I’m still making house, but this is the thing because everyone has different interpretations, and every person’s idea of house and techno differentiates from  everyone else’s. The guys I consider house are the Kerri Chandlers, DJ Sneaks and Todd Terrys, whilst techno would be more like Ben Klock, Derrick May, and those guys. Too many people get on their high horse about these types of things, especially keyboard warriors on the internet. I suppose for me I wanted to try different things and I have found myself listening to a lot more Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Marcel Dettmann, and also Levon Vincent, as well as stuff like Basic Channel. Your tastes just change, and I still listen to all the other stuff, but I just want to be able to have my cake and eat it all. Therefore I just say I play electronic music.

Ultimately to me the best DJs who I look up to are the guys who go across the board and do everything like Craig Richards. Any DJ who knows his shit always looks up to Craig Richards, just because the guy knows music and how to play it. Another guy is Ryan Elliot, because you have to be good to be a resident at both Panorama Bar and Berghain. That’s two completely different sides of the spectrum, Panorama Bar being the house side and Berghain being the techno side. The problem is the more stuff you do the harder it is to sell yourself, because they don’t know what they’re going to get. It’s harder to sell yourself as a product.

Indeed, that’s why people try to fine tune their sound.

Exactly, and artists tend to hate that. Artists hate being pigeon holed, but they just do unfortunately.

Also not a lot of people know you have cystic fibrosis, does this affect your life and career?

To be honest with you not too much because I never looked at it as something that’s held me back. I just know that I have to keep on top of it, and I love to keep healthy, play sport and exercise which definitely helps. I only got diagnosed when I was 10, whereas most other people are diagnosed at birth. I always had a cough and when I was 7 I went to the doctors and was told I had asthma. Then at 10 I got really ill, even during that summer when I got pneumonia they weren’t sure what the problem was, so they tested me for it and told me I had cystic fibrosis. I’ve never looked at it as something that’s been holding me back at all, it’s just how it is and I know if I keep on top of things I can get on with it and do really well. I’m just glad I don’t have it really bad.


Let’s talk about your label Rogue Society…

Rogue Society is on its third release at the moment. The next one is going to be out September and that’s by Esteban Adame, who’s done three tracks with remixes from Robert Hood and Jus Ed. After that it’s Sam Russo with Amir Alexander and Mike Dehnert on remixes, then it will be a V/A. Following that it will be a reissue of an old house tune from the mid-noughties from Bosh Recordings, which will have Phil Weeks and Rio Padice on it, and then it will be one of my own releases featuring remixes from Rolando and Adam Shelton.

We also want to do some digital and vinyl only bits to keep it interesting, so every release now I try and do a vinyl only and a digital only track. This is to get the best of both worlds, by pushing both mediums and keeping both camps happy. Besides the artwork it’s a one man show, which is good because I have creative control over it. It’s not a money project at all, it’s just an imprint hosting tracks from guys who inspire me, such as Robert Hood, Just Ed and Phil Weeks. It is basically stuff I’d love to play or listen to, whilst also giving me some freedom to experiment with my own productions.

So excluding your own label, what does everyone have to look forward to in terms of your own upcoming releases?

The next one is a deep and dark release on Air London that will come out in September, and then there’s a couple of remixes to come as well. I’m doing a follow up from a Bass Culture release, and then I’m working on something for Ben Sims, Josh Wink’s label Ovum, as well as something for a label called EPM. In fact this has been my busiest summer yet, so I’m keen to get back into the studio.

You’ve also said before in an interview that you can’t choose your favourite places to play as they’re all different in their own ways. However you did mention that Fabric means a lot to you. How come?

I’m someone who’s very patriotic and proud of their roots, and if that’s the lynchpin of the country then I look up to it loads as an example. I’ve been going there for so many years, partying as well as DJing, which I still do if I ever get the weekend off. The club itself is run so well, whether it’s the sound system, how they look after you as an artist, or even how it’s presented. It’s the first club in London I went to and I can’t fault it. It’s special to me and is definitely the number one venue in the UK.

So have you had any highlights so far this year you would like to mention?

It’s so cheesy but everything has been a highlight so far, so just the fact that I’m able to play records is my main highlight. Also I really appreciate the fact that people like me enough to book me, especially as there are so many other talented guys out there.

Jordan Peak plays at Fabric on August 16. His ‘Cause For Concern EP’ is out September 17 on Air London. More information on and ickets for his Fabric performance are available at : www.fabriclondon.com/club/listing/957

Words: Will Lawes

Photos: Emma Trider – emmatrinder.wordpress.com



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