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3516-181793_600.jpgLabel: Play It DownScore: 8/10 

Jesse Rose’s Whole Twelve Inches LP was released to great fanfare recently, and was a testament to the British ex-pat’s many effervescent and considerable talents. And in a move that’s typical of electronic music, Rose has decided to milk the album for all that it’s worth, as he calls in a raft of his renowned and not so well-known producer friends to put a new spin on things, with the end result being what we have here, The Whole Twelve Remixes.

Of course, to give the Made To Play/Play It Down boss the plaudits he deserves, this is truly an album of fairly sizeable proportions, and it’s clear that Rose that lost none of his zest as an A&R man for that matter, either. I tend to take such LPs on face value rather than judge them based on the merits of the original, and as a standalone series of 12 club tracks, this is a job very well done indeed.

Sultry bangers comes courtesy of Victor Marso’s remix of ”Time Is But A Moment”, while the on-fire-right-now Ninetoes comes up trumps with a highly charged interpretation of the already majestic ”Species”. Of the major big-time hitters on show, it’s perhaps Mathias Tanzmann or Sebo K who best come up with the goods, with Tanzmann’s pressure-cooker mix of ”Alone” a fitting track for the DC10 terrace, while K’s remix of ”Find Your Feet” gives us a fascinating snapshot into the mind of a producer we’ve not witnessed for some time.

Numerous other delights feature, with the likes of Doorly, Guti and the brilliantly named Ghengis Clan already muscling in on the action. A special notice too for Christian Nielsen, a producer we’ve featured extensively on these pages of late thanks to his intricate and polished dancefloor sound. His version of ”It’s Been like That For a Minute” is a real percussion-leveled monster, and is further indication of his standing and fledgling rep. within the Play It Down camp. If you’re after a host of club-ready dancefloor bangers with which to pepper your next set, you could do a whole lot worse than The Whole Twelve Remixes.



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