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Label: Motor EntertainmentRelease: Out Now

Jan Blomqvist is someone who has made an effective switch from grunge rock to indie dance in recent years. Based in Berlin he has clocked up some fine releases to date, all of which marry emotive synths to wavy beats, and come over like airy, atmospheric tracks of the sort that really sooth the soul. Here he serves up a new single with a glut of remixes also included.

In original form, Time Again is a breezy bit of electronica. The drums are slick and sleek and the chords and piano notes are sumptuous, rich and sonorous. Plucked strings gentle tumble over the groove and key to it all is Jan’s airy vocals, which drift above the whole thing and lend it a real air of class. Jan himself remixes the track into a slightly darker affair, Peer Kusiv then layers in a fat bassline in his remix, Ryan Mathiesen goes for a more dark and introverted, broken beat version and Swiss dudes Animal Trainer work it into an elongated, teasing bit of house with epic prog synths and a swelling sense of tension.


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