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Ivanov – New Sky


artworks-000068551448-wl1r64-t500x500.jpgLabel: WavereformScore: 8/10

The Wavereform label makes its debut here with the stated mission of crafting “simple & elegant music patterns”; a cerebral intention perhaps, though a listen to New Sky makes it clear what they’re shooting for. There’s not much said about artist Ivanov, beyond identifying him as “a mysterious new Russian talent”, and emphasising his background as a guitar player; though this also come across clearly on the luscious vibes of New Sky.

The EP’s A-side is a seductive slice of organic/electronic warmth. The original mix in particular emphasises the interplay between these two elements, in an offering that’s largely too gentle for the dancefloor. Ethereal synths swell slowly into the mix, their ambience weaving in and out across the track’s duration. A jazzy organ melody, and shimmering live hi-hats, ground the tune with a sense of earthiness, which mingles nicely with the electronic pulse that eventually takes hold. 

While New Sky isn’t a record that will pack much of a punch on the dancefloor, Soulphiction is here to correct that with a remix that retains the original’s charm, while also rounding off the deeper edges, and revving up the energy towards what’s needed from a DJ tool. A little more straightforward perhaps, but there’s a lush swell of sound in the body of the record that gets things done, in terms of capturing the essence of the original.

It’s not easy getting noticed with so many new dance labels vying for our  attention. However, New Sky delivers on Wavereform’s promise of offering an, “auspicious beginning for a new name and label, and fulfills the stated goal of offering “great promise of things to come”.

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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