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Iron Galaxy – Things We Lost Along The Way



Label: Born ElectricRelease: Out Now

James Zabiela’s Born Electric label hits its third release in some style, showcasing his ability stretches beyond pure technical mastery, but also as a purveyor of quality material. This time, the pick goes to Montreal’s Iron Galaxy, real name Adam Hodgins, with a four track EP that hits some heady electronic heights.

We start in solid form with Giving You, which owes more than a nod to the current vogue of Bass with its perky 90’s vocal. However, the real magic starts when you start to peel away deeper into the layers of the EP, revealing an inspirationally electronic core.

There is more than a hint of Warp about the pairing of The Attendant Army Of Rats and Dragging Your Feet. The former has cascading melodies that evoke memories of Squarepusher at his most melodic, with a choral shift in gear halfway through to show that Hodgins is no mere pusher of trope. Dragging Your Feet errs more towards the uneasy atmospheres of Aphex Twin, but again we get the shift halfway through, dropping in a devastating Bass breakdown which leads to a resounding final stretch.

Why Haven’t We Left Yet fully embraces the acidic undertones that underpin each of the previous tracks, finishing off the release with tension rather than euphoria. This just goes to show that Adam Hodgins isn’t one to conform to expectations, he is someone who is obviously inspired but able to inspire himself, and a credit for Born Electric’s already impressive portfolio.


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