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Introducing…. Wax Wings



Wax Wings is an artist in the truest sense, working in several modalities from; painting, fashion, graffiti, photography, art direction and of course music. He’s previously displayed his production work through other successful remixes including Maya Jane Coles’ Nocturnal Sunshine project and Brighton duo GAPS, both to be found on Maya’s own I/AM/ME label.

Wax Wings has had two critically acclaimed EPs on the The Weird & The Wonderful’s new imprint and this is his latest offering, which is on Venice Calypso’s own label Four on Four. The EP has gained support from the likes of Leftfield, James Zabiela, and George Fitzgerald. Here at Data Transmission we got the chance to speak to Wax Wings himself, we talked remixes, future projects, and the artistic process. Whilst speaking to the man himself we immediately took to his infectious bubbly personality, this along with his unique style and talent is the reason why we expect Wax Wings to become a household name in the world of dance music.

You have had the opportunity to remix tracks for artists such as Maya Jane Coles, can you explain your feelings towards that and how you approached the process?

Wax Wings-  It was amazing to do a remix for a world renowned artist such as Maya, the process was very interesting as she is one of my friends, so when approaching the project I had to impress and compliment her project, as well as impress my friend. I had to think what would her fans think of this so the process provided mixed feelings, which were all good, but just having the opportunity itself was amazing.


When remixing for artists what are you trying to achieve? Are you looking to represent the track in a different way? Or do you always try and incorporate your sound?

Wax Wings – I always try to go as unique as possible, I always want to incorporate my own style and sound to the track, lets just say I like to give it a dark lick of flavour in order to spice it up.

A lot of DJ’s prefer to remix more tracks rather then regularly release their own material, what do you like about the remix process as a whole?

Wax Wings- That’s very true, but doing remixes was where I was sitting for a while, although I enjoy them, the remix process is completely different then releasing your own work. When creating your own music you have to sit there and think what I am about to do right now is defining me as an artist, once you start the process you start speaking your sound.

I hear you are not just a music artist, but also have a passion in visual arts, do you try and express this aspect in your music such as within your artwork?

That’s right, the way I produce music is the was in many cases that art gets created, I mix it down then I build on layers, I add my element then minimalize it, Its basically the exact same process, you can relate to a fashion designer releasing their own collection, they add different layers and input their vision to make the collection represent them, this is what I do when creating my music.

That’s a very good analogy, no ones put it like that before I’m impressed.

Wax Wings (Laughs)

I just want to talk about what’s planned for the future, are there any gigs, releases and remixes coming up?

Wax Wings- There is lots happening in the near future, I’m currently working on my debut album and can’t wait for it to be released. I have a remix package for ‘The Love Inside Me’ coming featuring Drumcode’s Jel Ford, Jay Shepherd, Alinka and the amazing remix swap from Venice Calyso. So I’ve got loads to look forward to.

Is there anything you are thinking of doing new, in terms of your performances?

Wax Wings- I currently just DJ when I play now but I am definitely looking into doing live performances, featuring some of the incredible talent London has to offer.

This is a question I love to ask because its so hard to answer so here we go, Ideally who would you like to remix for in the future?

Wax Wings – That is such a hard question. Hmmmmmmm let me think, there is so many I would like to work with so if I had to pick just one I would have to say Bjork, I know a lot of people say they want to work with here but I have chosen her because she has such a beautiful heart, her music expresses this It would be a dream to work with someone like her.

To be honest there is a reason why everyone chooses her.

Wax wings – Exactly!

Can you talk us through the first remix you ever did, how did it go down?

Wax Wings- The first remix I did hmmmm, I can’t actually remember what it was but I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, I probably thought it was amazing at the time, it was probably very in your face.

Wax Wings Laughs


I always like to ask artists this, what would be your dream gig.
Wax Wings – To be honest I can’t pin down a specific venue or city, My dream is to play at anywhere that shows me the world, I want to be took on adventure, that is my dream, obviously I would like to play at prestige venues, but just to see the rest of the world will be so sweet.

So what actually got you into music and art in general?
Wax Wings- It was kind of like a 50/50 Nature Nurture type thing, both my parents were into art, my mum was an artist and my dad was a musician so I had that, but I also studied art, its just always been with me and I have always been associated with art itself that being music or other aspects.

Thank you so much for speaking to us today its been amazing to speak to you, I’m just going to finish off by asking you any artists you are feeling at the moment?

Wax Wings – I’m currently really feeling I Monster, they have an album called Bright Sparks, which is amazing, I’ve currently got it on repeat on my Spotify, So check them Out, they are amazing.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/joseph.iicarus
Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/josephicaro/
Soundcloud– https://soundcloud.com/waxwingsofficial