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Interview with Newly Appointed VP of Marketing Susanne Hazendonk Spinnin’ Records


In this interview, Data Transmission founder Grahame Farmer spoke to the newly appointed Vice President Of Marketing of Spinnin’ Records Susanne Hazendonk.

Spinnin’ Records is restructuring its marketing department and highlighting Web3 and NFTs as key spaces for the company’s future.  As part of the changes, Susanne Hazendonk has been named Spinnin’ Records’ new VP of Marketing. She will oversee the merging of the existing separate Brand and Recording marketing teams. 

The in-depth discussion included strategies for making and breaking acts in the modern electronic music landscape and unique insights for rising artists and professionals looking to work their way into the industry. From label owners and producers to rising industry professionals and simply fans, this episode will pull back the cover on the inner workings of today’s dance music scene.

You can watch the whole interview below on the Music Talk YouTube Channel, this channel features all our Twitch long-form interviews to watch again.


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