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In Conversation with… Kolombo



From Uruguay to Les Arcs, Kolombo is in high demand all year around. He will start the year 2019 at the infamous Warung club in Brazil, putting out tracks for Warung records & Dirtybird along the way. He just came back from a tour in Australia and New Zealand where he played three sold-out shows -out of five dates. He did multiple tours in the U.S. sharing stage with DJs like Psychemagik in NYC.

The Belgium based artist has released music on all the best imprints like Cocoon, Dyinamic, Kittball, Kompakt and his own label LouLou. Olivier Gregoire aka Kolombo is an analog hardware geek, he owns dozens of the original equipment from the 70’s and 80’s, so we asked him which ones are his favourites.

We remember his track “My Own Business” featured on Solomun’s very first BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. The tune was labelled “G-House” at the time but since then he explored many different genres and as he would say himself, he’s no gangsta!

We sat down with him recently to catch up.

What’s a Typical Day for you?
Find coffee first, go to the studio and then browse through emails. Mostly label stuff, if there are one or two tracks we test them at the club after we decide to sign them for the label or not. Then going to the studio if possible to work on new tracks & remixes and then when my wife comes back usually around 5, we start to cook haha! I take my office work to the studio rather than working on that during the night until 3am or something it’s not possible.

You are playing at Les Arcs, France soon. Can you tell us more about it?
My partner talked with the promoter, he wants to do something underground, there’s also the label Loulou so we brought some of our own artists. The promoter brought other artists more hip-hop too. I will be touring in South America finishing in Paraguay and straight from there I will be going to Les Arcs, so that will be a long day (laughs). It will be really crazy travelling. There are two parties and one is already sold out so that’s good. It’s a 300 people party only but It’s gonna be fun!

You released on Kompakt, Suara, Dyinamic, Cocoon. Which label are you more proud of?
There are two or three I’m really proud of, probably the Turbo. The production is nice, nice chords. EP was out probably 7 or 8 years ago, maybe more. It’s one of these records I still like. Even the production, still fresh right.

Any upcoming bangers on your label Loulou records?

Not from me. We sign a lot of new artists and it’s one of them. The schedule is full until march. There’s some really nice tracks coming soon. Then the new one is from “Branzei” already #9 I believe, it’s a guy from Canada. It’s a really nice EP, four tracks!

Which piece of analog hardware you would never sell?
There’s a lot, Super Jupiter MKS-80, Roland juno106, Roland Jupiter4, Siel opera 6. Those I cannot sell.

How did your tour in Australia go?
It was really good. Rushed tour because we did good parties. 5 parties with 3 of them being sold out, nice people, really nice atmosphere, super nice promoters, yeah I really like Australia. Only thing is, it’s so far away. On the last trip we had a long transit it was some 38 hours to go back home, very long, but it was good. We had a gig in New Zealand too, second time there. They make movies over there, Lord of the Rings, it’s something to see, very beautiful.

I hear you have a release coming out on Dirtybird?
Yes, actually it’s going to be on Barbecue compilation in March. Yea it’s a dancefloor track, I was surprised they like it. Usually, Dirtybird is more dubby, this one is more like techno. Track name is “O Ride O Ride”

Any exciting gigs coming up next year?
Of course, I start on Dec 26th in Brazil, the first gig of 2019 is in one of my favorite clubs, Warung It’s in south Brazil on Jan 2nd, I play often there, last time was an extended 6h set! Very exciting to play there again! It’s a 5000 people venue, very good club. Really good gigs coming, especially Paraguay. I’m also excited for Elrow Festival, there’s a lot of gigs…you can see all of them

Is there anything you would like to add?
I have an EP coming out on Warung also with Ron Carroll. The singer from Chicago, he did “Lucky Star” you know? We did an acid track together. With a remix from Phonique. Pretty excited to release there! Working on a few tracks right now, let’s see where those will go!


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