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Who Are…Evolved?


New-on-the-scene Drum & Bass quartet Evolved was formed in late 2019 and got off to a roaring start with a naughty pair of free downloads ‘Afterbite/Ideology’.

Evolved have their own particular brand of melodic and deep Drum & Bass which has gained them support from Noisia Radio and caught attention from industry big players and Drum & Bass heads alike. There’s no doubt the team has a bright future ahead. We caught up with the 4 lads behind the project to talk about what they’ve been up to in the past pandemic year and what they might evolve into next.

Hello guys, thanks for agreeing to interview! So let’s get a bit of an introduction to you guys first – who’s who in Evolved? 

We try to stay involved together in almost every task we want to achieve, but its not easy with four guys  Elliot is more active on Socials, the rest of the group concentrates on music haha. Lately we get things done more and more together and organize more stuff productionwise, sound design, podcasts, and also with administrative tasks like mails, who pays the beer this time, etc

Where are you guys from? 

We are all from Belgium, but Pierre is living in Thailand.  We all grew up in Belgium.

How’s the Drum & Bass scene in each of your respective hometowns?

In Brussels, there are organisations like Drum RoomInertialMentality, Bredren Invites and others that keep trying to push the full spectrum of Drum & Bass. But like everywhere else, the COVID restrictions killed a lot of gigs that were planned for ages. But we are truly confident that the scene will get back stronger and more united after all this shit.

How did the Evolved project come together?

The idea to start Evolved was born in late 2019 when Sismic (Pierre and Gilles) and Method (William and Elliot) clashed together. We had a studio session together (eg we had a drink together haha) and the same evening we produced our first tune called ‘Ideology’. After some more collabs, we decided to launch one project and work under one name. So, yeah, on the 1st December 2019 we made our first appearance on Facebook.

What were you all doing musically individually before you decided to form Evolved?

Each member was into Drum & Bass. Pierre was known as Peter Klash, Gilles was known as T-Psy. Elliot as Methaxys and William as Odalisq

What’s your vibe as a group of artists – how would you describe your sound?

We have all different influences in Drum & Bass and Electronic music, so it is difficult to name one vibe in specific. We are enjoying the music in the same way and a lot of influences come from various musical influences. It is those that give us our creativity.

What makes you guys work well together musically?

We still try to get better at working as a band but we try to plan a lot and even discuss all the new projects. We want fit the ideas of every member. This often takes time. 

Do you work in one studio all together, or do you have individual studio locations and share ideas online?

We have the main studio at Gilles’s home in Brussels and we try to meet there as much as possible. But we also work in our personal studios to draw sketches and work on sound design stuff. Pierre participates from a distance. Under the sun. In Thailand. Lol.

Tell us a bit about some of the tracks you released in 2020.

We introduced the project with two free downloads ‘Ideology’ and ‘Afterbite’, then we released the ‘Flexion’ single on T3K Recordings. Later on, we did the ‘Heliopolis’ EP for Neonlight and their label Diascope.

And what’s next? Releases on Delta 9 and…? 

Yes, first the EP for Delta9 Recordings and then three tracks on an exiting project called ‘Encounter’, which is a joint venture by T3K Recordings, Hanzom Music and Sine Function Music. And we have collabs with HystatusSlwdwn and others in the making.

Evolved has pretty much just celebrated its first birthday! And what a year it’s been. How has the madness of 2020 impacted the project?

We had time to do a single gig before this pandemic. It affects us a lot because most of us have started to produce for the pleasure of playing our songs live. An indescribable satisfaction that all producers know well. However, we have to be patient now. And so we took advantage of the situation this year to produce as much as possible and to make ourselves known little by little through our tracks.

How has your vision of the project evolved or how has your sound changed over the last year, if at all? 

We do not want to just focus on one style. This is the reason why our music is quite varied and does not always go in the same direction. However, we all feel the same love for rolling stuff out and use a lot of atmospheric elements.

What’s a piece of music that you’ve heard lately that “gave you goosebumps” or really blew your minds (Drum & Bass or otherwise)?

Gilles: Noisia & Former ‘Pleasure Model’

Elliot : For the moment I listen to a lot of music of all kinds but if I have to remember a song, in particular, it would be Ekcle & ALEPH ‘Inbetween’

Thank you so much for this interview, guys! We wish you all the best for the project. If you have any “famous last words”, you are more than welcome to voice them here.

Thank YOU for having us. See you soon 😉

Evolved drop their ‘Encounter’ EP on T3K Recordings, Hanzom Music and Sine Function Music today, check it out below:

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