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i_o Releases the First Part of his ‘444’ Trilogy


i_o is releasing his debut album or techno trilogy titled ‘444’, in three instalments, the first part ‘ACID 444′ being released last Friday, November 22nd. The American producer recently made a trip to Colorado to support Deadmau5 for his ‘day of the deadmau5’ shows at Red Rocks Amphitheatre and I was able to chat with him about his upcoming show, his involvement with mau5trap and a few other questions.

Many consider playing Red Rocks to be a highlight of their artistic careers. Why do you think it is such a special venue? Have any artist friends given you words of wisdom leading up to this monumental gig?”

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the giant amphitheatre jammed between two giant rocks with some of the best hospitality in the business. Or maybe it’s the 10000 people that show up to every show despite it being negative degrees. Or maybe it’s the fact that every band you’ve ever loved has played there and signed the tunnel. The reason eludes me. Only had one friend say anything about it and it was “yeah anyone can sell out red rocks.” So naturally, I didn’t think much of it until I got there and saw how big it is. Maybe anyone can sell out red rocks. It might just be that good of a venue.

Loved your Reddit AUA with No Mana who is playing with you tonight at Beta 2.0’s grand opening weekend after your Red Rocks debut. Laughed my way through more questions and comments than I should of. Where do you think social media is going when it comes to interacting with fans as an artist? Is there a certain level of privacy expected?

I just interact with everyone the same. If you’re a stranger I’ll probably treat you like a stranger. If you’re a friend ill treat you like a friend. If we’ve met before then we probably have something to talk about. If we haven’t maybe we’ll come up with something. If there’s a boundary then its universal, I don’t think there are special rules for fans vs. artists. If someone does something to bother me or I do something to bother someone, it’s not because they’re a fan and I’m an artist, it’s because one of us is not understanding the social boundary innate in the human we’re interacting with. I try to be respectful of people and I think they try to be respectful of me. It all works out.

You have a new techno trilogy, the first part ACID 444 is coming out on November 22 on mau5trap. This isn’t your first release on mau5trap either. Having six EPs and 3 singles under your belt, what has made then a contender for your music and other popular acts when it comes to techno music?

I began releasing on the label because of its uniqueness and ability to stay out of the “genre” conversation. It’s a label that has released electro, dubstep, trance, progressive, and pop. It has steered recently toward techno which I think is cool, but I don’t release with them because they’re a techno label. I release with them because it’s a good team and we work well together. Each person at mau5trap has made an impact on me personally and I’m lucky to be there.

Your collab with grimes has garnished a lot of attention and might be your biggest track to date. As she has transitioned from the ‘I’m a producer first’ mentality to embracing herself as a singer, besides having completed the track in about an hour, can you tell us anything more about the creative process?

When something comes together so quickly there’s not a lot to comment on. we originally wanted to make a techno record but instead, the wavelengths matched up in a different way and we just knocked it out. We didn’t have much to discuss because we both were on the same page the whole time. Overall super easy

The four-track offering is available to stream/download on all of your favourite listening platforms.

i_o – ACID 444

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