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Hyte Closing Party – Amensia, Ibiza



HYTE’s weekly parties at Amnesia have arisen this summer like the flames of a regenerating phoenix. Obviously similar musically formatted parties in Amnesia such as Cocoon hold undoubted legacy and reverence but as much as we respect the past it’s always great to witness the birth of a fresh faced, cutting-edge party on the White Isle.

Having quickly forged a fierce reputation of its own, HYTE has soared in popularity, focusing on providing attendees with the extroverted side of house and techno sounds, welcoming the likes of Guti, Mano Le Tough, DJ Harvey, Marcel Dettman, Maceo Plex and Loco Dice in to the Hyte fold. Now to the matter at hand. Hyte’s closing party. Now closing is usually a word we hate. Whether it be another club closing its doors for good or just the lights coming on after an epic night it’s definitely one of our least favourite parts of our vocabulary.  Cliché lovers everywhere often muse that’s it’s not a rule without and exception and ‘Ibiza Closing’ is that exception as the island sees off another year of partying in emphatic style. the HYTE closing party was no exception as the terrace and main room in Amnesia was jam packed with soulful, eager party freaks by turn of midnight.

Not fortunate enough to have joined us? Fear not, we’ve got your back as the ever intrepid Ruari Cahill steps up to deliver a live review with a difference, serving up a dungeons and dragons style timeline of the night’s events. Check it out below.



Amnesia’s main room is booming with energy as German Producer and DJ, DeWalta trembles the foundations of the dance floor with hedonistic slices of minimal tech, slowly evolving the set into a ricochet of rhythmic techno sounds. As far as warm up sets go, DeWalta paves a path of subterranean musical presence and quality that the rest of the main room’s DJ’s would no doubt endeavor to follow, banging records like Coma Aid by Marco V & Wallaby by Alex Celler coming full frontal into the mix.

Cementing my position on the terrace’s upstairs balcony, I bare witness to an exceptional transitional tech house set from multi talent Berlin DJ, Tobi Neumann. A godfather of highly detailed, punchy, atmospheric music production, Tobi alters the perspectives reality of the dance floor with progressive new wave techno cuts alongside the classic sounds of earlier ‘acid fridge-esque’ records. The terrace’s responses are wild cries of appreciation to this monumental figure of Berlin’s house and electro scene.


The HYTE closing party is now submerged in a fevering pitch, rooting thousands of ravers deep into a tantalizing audio/visual underground spectacle. This is the gripping threshold of Amnesia! The in-house lightning production in the club is completely immersing. A threshold of red laser beams, multi-colored layered lighting schemes and light patterns of auricle beauty swarm the dance-floor, as a uniquely Spanish cultural phenomenon is about to take place. Introducing a back to back set from Malaga born selector Cuartero alongside long standing Amnesia resident and global dance floor connoisseur Mar-T.

Cuartero & Mar-T’s sui generis of adapting to any dance floor without any concessions is at the forefront of my mind. The tempo elevates up to lashings of 130pm authentic house cuts, the doctrinal sounds of Chicago-esque hi-hats, snares and kick drums thudding out of the ‘Expanded Amnesia Technology’ sound system. You can literally feel the music ingrain your soul. It’s sexual.

All this is happening whilst I’m calmly collecting some of the finest club visuals of my life on the ‘aul reliable’ 7DSLR; now there is every reason to let go and succumb to the depraved atmosphere these two exceptional DJs are creating. Big beasty records such as Kydus‘ Translantic  and Sante’s remix of Marco Faraone’s Next Level are thrown into the mix with disarray.

A swift jolt over to Amnesia’s terrace reveals Life & Death label founder DJ Tennis resonating a hypnotic set of driving force tech beats to a swarming, sardine like sea of revellers. The mass of people in the terrace; from every creed, colour, age and ethnic background imaginable, show a primitive togetherness for the emotional rhythmic melodies being bestowed up them by an astute master of the craft.  One word, served.



German producers Pan Pot lock the terrace into a frenzy during their closing party set, each record demonstrating the duo’s commitment to precise, undulating and kinetic grooves accompanied by a steady expansion of their sonic palate. Whether it’s an intimate club night or a massive festival like Awakenings, Timewarp, or Creamfields, Pan-Pot know exactly what to do. Unconstrained by boundaries, they traverse Amnesia’s terrace with a copious range of techno, house and everything in between with a master’s touch. Meaty records like Gregor Tresher’s Goliath  sends the terrace dance-floor into maximum hysteria.



Tattooed up to the nines and a stir crazy look in his eyes as he steps up to the decks, this can only be the occultist swagger of German techno bomber, Chris Liebing. Chris’s set is one of my definitive highlights of the HYTE closing party. I feel privileged to witness such a masterclass of element manipulation as Chris whacks out rare records to keep the party in full swing.

At the 5AM stage of every HYTE party throughout the 2015 Ibiza season, there is always a mutual wave of titillation throughout the terrace, as every one knows, ‘The Dice Man Cometh’. This is my time to shine, itching to get in the thick of it, I have been holstered up in the Amnesia Press/VIP room too long and contemplating no more, I weave my way through the jungle of sub-terrestrial ravers to gather the initial pandemic of physical grooves Loco Dice is unleashing.

Loco Dice has the ability to pulsate a crowd of thousands into moments of total abandon on the dance floor. Throughout his  four hour set I witness ravers lose every molecule of self-inhibition, like caged animals that have just been freed to the wild. Snake face scrunched, fork tongue out; I might just be one of them. Shit just got Loco! As the finesses of Loco’s techno/house soundscapes arise like the morning sun, I can’t help but think this has been the ‘HYTE’ of my fruitful partying experiences in Ibiza this season. All sights ahead for 2016 and what magic lie ahead. Viva La HYTE!

Photos: Pablo Bustos 


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