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How to organise record collection with Rekordbox (or other DJ software) with Moullinex


In this video, Moullinex speaks about how he organises his music in playlists for DJing. He chats about how to organize your music in playlists in Rekordbox (or other DJ Software) before you leave the house. This is all, as you prepare for your first DJ set.

Moullinex joins Grahame Farmer on the Big Question series to help you the DJ get further, faster. Our Big Question series is a one question series where we ask industry heads, label owners and DJ/producers – one question.

In the series so far we’ve had CamelPhat, Andy C, Timmy Regisford, Hayden James, Icarus, Davina Moss, George Smeddles, Lee Walker, Denis Cruz, Louie Vega, Disciples, David Morales & Roger Sanchez to name but a few.

Moullinex’s latest single HOPE/DOPE is out now on Discotexas, available to buy here