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Goldfish: “I went in to the crowd and spoke to these kids and they were telling is how much they hated EDM! So that was really refreshing to hear; things having musical value is really important to us.”




So is the title of your new album, Three Second Memory, a critique of EDM culture of sorts?

Dom: Well, it’s not so much a critique more than it is an analysis of it. Too much music these days is disposable and forgettable, and we’re not in the business of making that sort of stuff. I mean we still have people coming up to us and telling us that they love our first album. But it’s great that people remember it six years later – and that’s the point of it all really.

Dave: And that’s the problem with ”tracks”, they lend themselves to that sort of disposable shelf-life. Will Martin Garrix’s ”Animals” be remembered in 5 years time? I’m not saying it’s bad, but it serves its purpose and that’s it. I mean a McDonalds burger is tasty, but it shouldn’t be vaunted as high arts either.

So how does this album differ from previous efforts?

Dave: Well it’s kind of like a return to our roots in a lot of ways. We started off with our first album, Caught in a Loop, which was sort of chilled dance music. With this album we took the pressure off ourselves and we didn’t feel the need to make 12 bangers. There’s a mix of ‘lifestyle’ music and festival tracks, and for the first time in a long time, we felt comfortable doing that. With this album we tried to narrow the gaps between live performance and home recording. A lot of what we do live would wear thin very quickly on an album, and it’s not easy to work on an album like we did, but I think we’ve succeeded in certain places. We went back to the old and extended the new, but we’ve broadened our horizons even further with the new album.

Tell me about working as a duo. Do you guys ever have fallouts or do you usually get on?

Dom: It’s funny, because over the past ten years we’ve almost become musical brothers. We know each other so well that we finish each other’s sentences. When we’re on stage, for instance, I never know what Dave will play next, so we still try to keep each other guessing and our sets fresh in that regard. It’s great having someone else to check yourself and give you an extra opinion, it can be really useful. We know one another’s strengths, so he’ll take me take the lead if I’m good at something and vice versa. There’s a trust: you might not always understand something, but you’ll trust the other person’s take on it.


So you usually agree on things?

Dave: We agree and do something once we convince the other that it’s a good idea to do! But I guess what I contribute our success to is a common vision; we both want the same thing. When we were diving to our shows ten years ago, we discovered that we both loved the same sort of music. A band is always like a business in how it’s run and what we’re aspiring to. And we don’t mean financially, but what we aspire to is more people hearing our music. That is literally the main thing. If we say no to a gig, that’s what it’s about. If we’re going to get our music to more people, it’s nearly always a yes.

Dom: Providing it’s something we’re comfortable with doing! We probably have higher ethics than we should…we’d rather do it properly than not do it at all.

What’s been the biggest highlight for you gig wise over the years?

Dom: Well we actually have our own festival in Amsterdam that’s sold out two years in a row. I’m not sure how it happened, but we’re bigger in Holland than we are in South Africa! We sold out 3000 capacity and 6000 capacity shows. It’s crazy though…the Dutch promoters can’t understand it. Sander Kleinenberg wants to know the secret to our success there, but we’re not even sure how! So, yeah, maybe Holland and a gig in Sao Paulo this year really stick out for us.

And what one piece of advice would you give to producers honing their sounds right now?

Dave: Be yourself and experiment with different ways of working. Stay open-minded and take inspiration from people. Be original and be your own, it’s harder at the start but better in the long run.

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