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GOG – A Different Feeling That Inspire The Night


GogLouder.jpgLabel: Louder MusicScore: 8/10 

Gog’s Louder Music arrive on the scene here thanks to the devastatingly effective (but somewhat oddly named) A Different Feeling That Inspire the Night EP. Featuring 6 cuts, all of which boast their own inimitable sheen, punters are also getting serious bang for their buck here too.

It’s ‘Different Moments’ which gets us underway thanks to its unrelenting kick, its smidgen of acid and a bassline that’s well worth devouring. Seriously emphatic stuff, and arguably the Mexican producer’s finest moment to date, this one is sure to endear him to a wider audience. Prolific Canadian producer Jay Tripwire then turns up on remix duty. As you’d imagine, his remix is draped in quality and nimble, dexterous hues, although it’s the spoken-word vocal then really gives it an extra momentum. Rubinskee’s remix is more steely and atmospheric, and it helps give the EP an entirely unexpected – but thoroughly enjoyable – way of life.

‘Quiet Desperation’ sees Gog lean on J-Mo’s lyrics once more, this time through a gothic sort of number that’d slide well into a set by Art Department et al. Safeword scrubs it up nicely thanks to a sort of off-kilter, imaginative remix, before the EP comes to a halt courtesy of ‘Night Feelings’; another potent dancefloor number. Take our word for it – this is seriously exceptional fare by the man they call Gog, as well as his shrewdly chosen remixers.  


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