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Getting To Know: Super Disco Club


Super Disco Club are no strangers to the dance floor. Evolving from the days of the early 90’s House scene, Andy Van first started as a DJ before his Madison Avenue project catapulted him to international acclaim. 

Since then, Andy has remained firmly implanted within the electronic music scene, releasing music for longer than many of today’s leading producers. Setting up Super Disco Club with singer/songwriter and wife Cassie Van was a natural progression, combining both of their musical talents and a mutual love of everything Disco.

Launching with their lead single “We Are One” their sound is already weaving its magic across clubland and on regular rotation in global DJ sets. The unprecedented support for their debut release clearly paves the way for an onslaught of  Super Disco Club tunes throughout 2021 and far beyond.

Let’s kickstart with your musical background and what sets you apart as an act?
We both go back a long way, Andy started DJing & producing over 2 decades ago, his first big success as a producer was back in 1999 when he was one half of Madison Avenue (you may remember the track “Don’t Call Me Baby”), which was a Global Dance hit in the 2000s. What sets us apart i suppose is our long & extensive musical knowledge of Club Music & Dance & Pop. And as Super Disco Club we want to marry Disco House & Italo music & also infuse it with catchy lyrics & hooks.

So this isn’t the first time you’ve both worked together, tell us more….
Cassie was a dancer with Madison Avenue (One of my previous Artist projects) and we connected from the very start, on an emotional level and a musical level. We then created the dance music act Vandalism and toured the world together for ten years.

Do you both have parents, friends or mentors from within the music industry? If so what part did they play, and if not, how have they inspired your growth or character?
My Nephew is DJ Marcelo from Amsterdam, He was really well known for playing super upfront Disco, Funk & House music in Clubs in Amsterdam, I met him was I was 12 and I’m sure he’s the reason I started DJing.

Apart from that my sister is in the TV Presenting business. 

We Are One sounds a great introduction to the act, is there a story behind this?
Its main Melodic hook comes from a classic Lime track from the Disco Era, and was a Studio 54 & Club Anthem. And coincidentally Lime was the first Dance Album i ever bought as a young DJ. Cassie wrote the lyrical hook for the track.

Is your aim to entertain the world or simply carve out a niche in the industry, tell us more?
Hey we’d love to entrain the world, But well be happy to start with DJs & Clubs & Dance Radio getting board to start

What’s the difference between Good Disco and Bad Disco?
A great question, If you mean classic disco, then I suppose it’s up to how it’s stood up over time, but weirdly some classic Disco tracks that were quite corny are now getting chopped & sampled & loved by cancefloors now!

Daft Punk navigated merging a modern sound with classic influences and select samples, do you see them as innovators and a benchmark for the act?

Yes, they are a great example of an artist that we absolutely LOVE & have been heavily influenced by. I actually have the vinyl of all their albums & love what they achieved. ALso the fact they use Samples a lot is something we love doing.

Not every creative is a good dancer, especially DJ’s… is this true in this case?

Well, Cassie has been dancing on stage since she was four years old and then professionally so she’s pretty well versed in that area. Cassie tells me I’m a good dancer so I’ll take that. 

Clubland isn’t always fun, tell us a testing moment from your time as Madison Avenue, Andy.

I think the toughest times were travelling. I’ll give you a great but really tuff weekend…. On Friday i flew from Melbourne to London, leaving Melbourne at midnight, which is a 24hour flight, then landed & flew straight to Leeds [Note I’m 6foot 3 & can’t sleep on planes, so hadn’t slept in over 30hours !!] …Then as soon as i landed in Leeds, i was driven straight to gig and was DJing to 300,000 people at the UK’s first & only every Love Parade. 

Then i jumped the Radio 1 Float to DJ again, then I DJ’d the After-party in a mad club in Leeds, then had my first sleep in 40hours. Then next morning flew to Ibiza & Dj’d at Manumission with Armand Van Helden. Then the next day flew back to Melb ..another 24hour flight…!

Some people would say what amazing weekend, and yes it was, but man it was super tiring as well.

Cassie are you the creative director here, or is Andy as stylish as you?
My mind is constantly creating, so it’s definitely the area I love, but Andy has amazing ideas always so it’s definitely collaborative.

What’s the creative process for building new tracks?
Andy usually creates the instrumental and then I will take it and write a topline over it. That seems to be the best formula for us.

Do you both listen out for tracks to edit, or influence the next production?
Always listening and getting inspiration.

Have you got anything in the pipeline not shared with the music world yet?
Yes, definitely we made 27 tracks, Bootlegs & Remixes in Lockdown, so super excited to be getting them out now that Clubs are starting to open in some countries.

Is your studio a workplace or also a retreat?
Definitely both as creating music can be a very meditative experience.

Lockdown love…. Share a few highlights that were actually positive in this period:
Getting time to write more music. Be with family. No rushing to anywhere.  And also Andy did a live DJ stream every Saturday night which was such a great way to connect and uplift our spirits. As mentioned above, we have SO MUCH music made that we wanna share, and we are super excited to get it out. We’ll also be leaking lots of Bootlegs as well. So check out our Tik Tok.

City life or a casual country retirement, where do you see yourselves in 20 years from now? 
We love a bit of both. We’ve thought about moving out of the city once before but we both love the urban life to much. So we bought an old beach shack an hour away from Melbourne that we renovated and can retreat to when we want to get out of the city.

If you could pass on any advice to a younger generation what would it be?
Be kind first of all. Find your passion and work hard on it. You will never work a day if you love what you are doing. 

Do you have a mirrorball in the house and any other Discofied accessories?
We certainly do, we have a DJ Studio with Mirrorballs, Turntables, and old Spinning strobey lights. Andy has collected many classic 80s ghetto blasters over the years. And of course tens of thousands of vinyl.

What’s next for Super Disco Club?
We have our debut release in April called “We Are One”, then 2 bootlegs a Remix & then another release in June. There are a few collaborations coming to, but we have to be tight-lipped, they are well known Dance Artists in UK & Europe.

Five things that would sit in the Super Disco Club time capsule:
Ghetto Blaster
Classic 12” Records
Disco Ball Bra

Grahame Farmer

Grahame Farmer’s love affair with electronic music goes back to the mid-90s when he first began to venture into the UK’s beloved rave culture, finding himself interlaced with some of the country’s most seminal club spaces. A trip to dance music’s anointed holy ground of Ibiza in 1997 then cemented his sense of purpose and laid the foundations for what was to come over the next few decades of his marriage to the music industry.

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