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Getting to Know: Panfil & Rubh


Panfil & Rubh, the tech house duo introduced themselves in May 2022 with the release of their first EP on Erase Records entitled ‘Vibe Strong’. The ‘Vibe Strong’ EP included two original tracks “Vibe Strong” and “Surrender”. Their EP peaked on Beatport Charts at #16 on Tech House Releases and #82 on Overall Top 100 Releases. Panfil and Rubh, generated some buzz with this release receiving support from top DJs, blogs, and radio stations around the world.

Although the Panfil & Rubh alias started in 2022 they are not new to the scene and have several years of experience behind them. Most notably they were part of a DJ and production trio named Dreamst8 in the last 2000s. Dreamst8 landed residencies in Chicago’s popular nightclubs performing as the opening act for top-tier traveling artists as well as headlining their own shows. In addition to DJ’ing, their passions extend into the world of production with one of their remixes hitting #49 on Beatport’s progressive house chart as well as being asked to produce a remix for the talented vocalist Tiff Lacey. Dreamst8 explored a variety of genres with their original tracks and remixes including House, Progressive House, Trance, Big Room, and Electro house.

Panfil & Rubh have recently announced their radio show residency on Data Transmission called the House Fluent Radio where they showcase the best of Tech-House every Saturday at 1 AM. 

This promising duo is now back with a new single «Inside a Maze» on Hot Fuss. You can expect a punchy rolling baseline paired with energetic drums on this record. Its hypnotizing vocals will take you on a trip with little surprises along the way. When the track builds from the break, you think you’re about to escape the maze before it drops back into the driving groove. 

Here, we get to know Panfil & Rubh 

Welcome to DT, guys. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. What have you been up to lately? 

Thank you, we are thrilled to be doing this interview with you. We have been working hard and spending a lot of time in the studio. We currently have a good number of unreleased tracks at the moment.

Congrats on your latest single «Inside a Maze» on Hot Fuss. What was your inspiration behind this record? 

Thank you, with the success of our track “Body and Soul” which was released earlier this year; we wanted to create another track with the same vibe and feel as a sort of follow-up. The vocals and groove of “In a Maze” take the listener on a journey while simultaneously adding something new and original. Our favorite part of the track is the synth with its unique processing. 

How did you two meet? What made you start this musical journey as a duo? 

To keep a long story short. In the late 2000’s we were in a DJ trio named Dreamst8.  We held residencies in Chicago’s popular nightclubs including Vision and Enclave, opening for acts like Morgan Page, Cosmic Gate, Mogui, ATB, and The Crystal Method just to name a few. We ended up each going our own way after about 6 years together.

This takes us to the present day. The two of us live down the street from each other and during the pandemic in 2020 while in lockdown, we decided to give it another shot and that’s where Panfil and Rubh were created.

Based in Chicago, how has the local underground scene shaped your sound? 

We have been fans of the tech house genre for years before it became as popular as it is today. We were introduced to this sound when it was still the “sound of the underground” that could be heard at after-hour parties around Chicago.

What does your studio setup look like? 

We have a very simple studio setup. Because computers are so powerful nowadays, we pretty much work all in the box.

As a duo, are there processes that you’re individually responsible for in the studio or you’re more intuitive when it comes to collaboration? 

We do sometimes bring our own individual ideas to the studio to bounce those off of each. However, most of our productions are started and completed together as a team. 

Can you name some of the instruments and/or plugins that define your sonic palette? 

Serum seems to be our go-to synth, since its user friendly and can easily get the sounds that we want out of it. 

We really like to experiment by processing sounds by subtle use of LFOs on parameters you wouldn’t normally use, to constantly add life, originality, and movement. 

What has been your highlight gig this year? 

Heat Wave festival in Chicago by Auris Presents. This show gave us the opportunity to test our music as we spent the majority of this year working on production and critiquing our sound. 

Now that “Inside a Maze” is out – What’s next for Panfil & Rubh? 

We have a lot of new music that we are excited to share in 2023, including Panfil and Rubh originals along with a few collabs with some talented artists.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go? 

We want to thank you, Data Transmission, as earlier in the year we started our House Fluent Radio show which is broadcasted on your platform on the third Friday of each month. This has given us a chance to showcase our unique sound and track selections.

Purchase Panfil & Rubh – Inside a Maze via Beatport

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