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Getting To Know: Ky William


The underground dance music scene has been revolutionized by the Brooklyn-based Andhera Records, a label that has been making waves since its inception. At the helm of this innovative label is the multi-talented Ky William, an artist with a fervent passion for the deep-tech house and minimal sounds. Ky’s distinct and unconventional sound has been showcased in his latest releases, including ‘Touche’ on Ky’s very own Andhera Records and ‘Bilingual’ on John Summit‘s esteemed imprint Off The Grid Records.

The dedication Ky William has to dance music is palpable, and evident from the founding of Andhera Records, which offers a platform for emerging producers specializing in minimal and deep-tech house. With the launch of his latest venture, the Andhera Records Workshop, Ky has elevated his passion to the next level.

The Andhera Records Workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience, designed for aspiring artists looking to hone their production skills. Ky has partnered with the NYC arts collective, OBSERVED, to offer an in-person production masterclass on April 15, 2023, at the .004 Gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This exclusive workshop will provide participants with in-depth feedback from Kasin, Repopulate Mars A&R, as well as mixing and mastering techniques by Kamino (Solotoko and Armada Subjekt). Ky will also offer creative production techniques, making this a truly unique opportunity for ambitious artists.

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Ky and discuss his journey, Andhera Records, and the upcoming workshop. Our conversation shed light on Ky’s vision for the future of dance music and his dedication to bringing fresh and unique talent to the forefront of the industry…

Can you tell us about your journey in the music industry and how you got started as a DJ/producer?

I started DJing at a very young age, around 12 years old. I started doing corporate DJing like weddings with my friend’s father. I was on and off with it for years until college where they just needed a DJ for the parties. I ended up doing it since no one else would. After graduation, I went to my first true dance event at the Brooklyn Mirage for an Anjunadeep event and after that, I was hooked. I went home and downloaded Ableton that night and never looked back.

Your label, Andhera Records, has been gaining a lot of attention lately. What inspired you to start Andhera, and what is your vision for it?

I’ve always been that type of person to want to build something and be the one leading my own path. I had no idea what I was doing. I had one release out and just learned as I went. Looking back, I wouldn’t have done it any differently, even though there may have been many mistakes along the way. That’s what makes my label unique – just a guy who loves house music and is figuring it out along the way.

You recently released your single ‘Touche’ via Andhera Records. How do you approach the creative process when producing a track like this, and what do you hope listeners will take away from your music?

This one was interesting. I’m very inspired by hearing things around me. Most of the time before I even begin producing, I want to find a sample or sound that inspires the
whole track. For ‘Touche’, it was the flamenco guitar riff. As soon as I heard that, I was hooked and knew it was special. I wanted to take this to the next level, so I thought it would be really cool to incorporate a foreign language that has nothing to do with the Latin guitar. I paired the guitar with the French vocals and I’ve never heard anything like this fusion before! I hope listeners learn that it’s important to push the boundaries and create things that are fresh and might not currently exist. (Grab ‘Touche’ here)

How do you stay creative and inspired when producing music? Are there any particular artists that inspire you?

I try to do something new every time I produce so I don’t fall into a pattern with the same thing every time. Always keep learning, it’s the only way to grow. In terms of a specific artist who inspires me, I draw a lot of inspiration from artists outside of my style. Within the style, the Rsquared guys have been killing it lately, I love their stuff aswell. I get super inspired by artists like Silat Beksi and Adam Pitts, even though their music is different from mine.

How do you go about selecting the artists and tracks that you sign to Andhera Records, what qualities are you looking for in new talent?

I sign artists who show genuine interest in my label, not just a label to release their music. I want to become friends with the artists I sign and work with long-term. I like when artists get to know me before just firing demos to submit.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming Andhera Records workshop? How did you come up with the concept and what inspired you to offer this unique opportunity to aspiring producers?

I’ve had this idea in the back of my head forever. I’ve been teaching one-on-one lessons for over 2 years now, so I thought it’d be cool to finally bring them all together in one space.

What can aspiring producers expect to learn and gain from the experience?

The total and complete process of creating the music, mixing and mastering it, and planning to shop it out, all in the same day. The goal is to give students insight into the entire process of creating and releasing music.

What sets the Andhera Workshop apart from other music production workshops or classes?

It’s an extremely detailed and hands-on experience. We only limited this to 16 seats to ensure every student gets the attention they deserve. We actually sold out the first day already and have already added a second one!

Can you tell us a particularly memorable moment or experience you‘ve had while running Andhera Records, and how it has impacted your approach to the label?

Seeing artists grow their profile through Andhera is the most rewarding feeling ever. I think one of the more recent moments that was memorable for me was getting a support video sent to me of Michael Bibi playing out Jeff’s track ‘Heat Rises’ at his closing Printworks party. The smoke going off, the crowd yelling, the energy – what a feeling to see that!

With the Andhera Records Workshop and other upcoming projects, what can fans and aspiring producers expect from Ky William and Andhera Records in the coming months?

I think events are up next for us. We’re really excited to finally be able to put all of the art and music into a real-life space with our community and fans.

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