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Get MORE Spotify Streams Fast & Grow your Instagram in ONE Tool | Beatchain Review


Beatchain was built by tech-savvy experts, who keep the best interests of artists in mind, and continuously develop features to help artists succeed. With all the backend tech know-how, they provide one-of-a-kind services to musicians and brand managers of all levels, giving them a huge leg up in a world of corporate gatekeepers and digital walls. Plus, Beatchain has the business experience to continue to scale up and build on their success.

The addition of Fan Builder, it continues to make good on its vision to upend the traditional way of marketing and distributing music, and revolutionizing the way artists are discovered.

In this video, I chat with Luke Mendoza from the company. We chat through the whole platform in this longer video, we go through all the features including their Fan Builder, Distribution, Website Builder, Insights, Playlist Monitor, Launchpad and Hypelinks sections.

Check out our full breakdown of Beatchain & Fanbuilder in our video below and head to – https://bit.ly/beatchaindt


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