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Gaturamo – Pacto EP


3516-232042_600.jpgLabel: D-EdgeScore: 8/10  

Gaturamo might not be the most renowned individual to grace our ears this side of 2014, but you can still pretty rest assured that his is a sound that’ll leave you properly captivated. His latest is a gorgeous indication of where they’re he’s in that regard, with Renato Ratier’s fledgling D-Edge imprint one that seems to signify a reciprocal relationship for all those involved.

On the Pacto EP, the brilliant strands of Dezessels Luas are first up on an EP that’s as heavyweight as it is delicate and stuffed with charm. The melodic, computer-game influenced intricacies of the track are offset by a host of firm kicks and chirping bells, and it’s perhaps that the parallels with the likes of Jeff Mills and UR are almost palpable throughout various other sections of the EP too.

‘Gaiato’ is a no less stunning affair, with grittier drums and even more atmospheric bliss the order of the day. The bassline is another rugged and uncompromising affair that sounds like it’s been lifted from an 80’s sci-fi soundtrack. Such delicacies are prominent again on ‘Mephisto’ (my own personal pick of the litter), whilst ‘Voltinha Estranha’ closes amongst a sense of keen synthetic bliss. A floating, whimsical treat, it brings the listener off on a series of tangents that are hard not to be enraptured by. A nimble and delicate four-tracker for fans of a future-tinged techno sound in particular. 


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