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The Free Focus: Tutorials Pt 2



At DT we believe music production should be like alcohol. Free, wherever possible, and ideally of a passible quality. This week we’ll be kicking looking at another Free Tutorials – as a go to point for bedroom producers looking for that little nudge in knowledge to help get that tweak just right…

Next up in our free series of tutorials come courtesy of Sounds To Sample. This is the sample-store sister to industry download dreadnought Beatport, and, since it’s launch a few years back has, like Beatport itself, been quietly but steadily climbing the ranks – winning a number of exclusive deals on sample packs tied to prestigous labels and, in fitting with our ongoing quest for free stuff, a string of free production articles including genre-specific how-to articles as well as indepth Q&A’s with producers. Whilst a few of them are clearly a little dated, the text based how to articles are brilliantly detailed and seriously inventive. Worth dropping a bookmark on if you’re stuck for ideas.

Check it out here


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