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Franco Cinelli – All Frequencies LP


Aside_esp030.jpegLabel: EsperanzaScore: 8/10 

Arguably Argentina’s most famous house export, Franco Cinelli makes the sort of house music you’d expect from a latin American in that it’s teaming with colour, vibrancy and unquestionable personality. On his latest outing for Kasper’s Esperanza label, the prolific producer serves up an album that, while hardly a homage to the LP format, does serve to enhance his already lofty reputation for strands of a 4/4 persuasion.

Even so, this is, vehemently, a house album, and it’s not a bad one at that. Opener ‘I Feel It’ is a rough-around-the-edges gem; a real stomper of a track that’ll get the night’s wheels in motion in no uncertain terms. Dark and foreboding, Cinelli still allows enough light to creep in. Scrupulously produced stuff indeed.

‘Chi-Trax’ is my own favourite – and sure to be many elses too. Insanely catchy, it hooks the listener in with its uncompromising bassline and a full-on ethos that speaks to the raver inside us all. Meanwhile, ‘Cargo’ is all about the drums (a solid part of Cinelli’s productions for sure), and ‘Infiltrate’, with its many claps and acid tinges, is another winner. ‘Slippery Arp’ features a mound of 8 bit sounds, but the next track worth celebrating is ‘Deep Forest’; a track that plays to the producer’s twin sensibilities in that it’s both emotive and filled with a groove-soaked zest thanks to its lavishly thrown down pads. An LP of contrasting sound-structures aplenty, the All Frequencies LP is nothing if not suitably named. 


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