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Francis Davila Commissions Reboot of Classic ‘Rise’ Track with ‘The Remixes’ PT1 headlined by Dance Music Legend Robbie Rivera


Francis Davila is considered one of the pioneers of the electronic scene in Central America having a 15-year trajectory and is currently The Number 1 DJ in the region.

Francis Davila is not only a DJ but a great producer as well. After releasing various tracks on labels like Vandit (Germany), Vapours (Australia), Seductive (USA) and Molacacho (Spain) to name a few, Francis released his first album ‘Shine’ in 2010 and quickly became a great hit in the Central American region, reaching the No. 1 position in radios with various singles and more than 6,000 copies sold.

He has shared turntables with David Guetta, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buuren, and Tiesto, among others… but this is not what positions him as one of the Top 100 DJs in the world.

Francis has excelled because of his work as a DJ and as a music producer. He has conquered thousands of fans and this is reflected in his many sold-out presentations around the World.

In 2011, Francis Davila entered the Top 100 DJ List published by DJ Mag at No. 77 and in 2012 he was able to position himself at No. 63.

In 2014, his single ‘Follow the Night’ reached the No. 1 position on different radios in the region and was featured as one of the top 10 most-listened songs of the year positioning him in No. 5.

His music and impeccable technique and talent as a DJ, have taken him around the world playing in worldwide famous clubs like Xchange (Los Angeles, CA) to massive festivals in Medellín, Colombia. Other countries include Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil and India.

Now Francis Davila chats to us about his latest project, a reboot of his classic track ‘Rise’ with The Remixes PT.1.

Francis, thanks for joining us, can you tell us how the project came about?

Thanks for having me. ‘Rise’ is the track that has had the greatest significance in my career to date. It recently hit 3 million streams on Spotify and is still going strong. This song was originally released in 2015 with a full music video to support which ended up as part of the regular MTV programming. That helped give the track great reach globally. Last year, in Miami, while listening to music and talking about this particular track with One Dance Left label boss Notorious Lynch, we discussed how great it would be to give the vocal a fresh-sounding remix. We were discussing some great up-and-coming talent in the industry and decided to shape the project around them while adding some veteran presence to a potential release also. 12-months later with Miami Music Week fast approaching again, we are ready to share part 1 of the project with the world.

You released a few times with the label One Dance Left last year in the form of 2 great single collabs with Notorious Lynch, and Majid as well as a remix on a #1 Beatport release. What attracted you back to One Dance for the remix packages?

Most things in my life I do for affinity, friendship, and affection. One Dance Left is a label that has believed in my work and has given me support to promote my music. I have seen this label grow and have great results. The music they sign, and release is great but, above all, I have seen all the work and promotional effort they do firsthand. They make me feel that my music is worth a lot and it’s not just another release on a packed schedule, and that’s very important these days.

Francis Davila

You obviously have a great resume yourself, a DJ Mag Top 100 DJ alumni and the Pt.1 remix package is headlined by another Top 100 alumni, dance music legend Robbie Rivera, how did that come about?

Robbie Rivera is a legend. When I started DJing 25 years ago, he was already a solid name, with releases that sounded around the world. I have always admired him and a few years ago I had the opportunity to share the stage with him in Colombia since then we have been friends and kept in touch. He is an example for me because he is an artist who has remained current in the industry for so many years. I knew we needed a great veteran presence on the release and I thought he would bring a perfect fusion of experience and fresh sounds to the project, he didn’t disappoint.

Robbie Rivera

The remix pack also has the veteran Miami man Doc Brown, and 2 new rising stars Timo Tapani, and Kratex also. It is a well-rounded package with something for everyone. Do you have a favourite mix?

Doc Brown is a great guy. Very professional in terms of his UNLEARN label, and his events, but he is also a great producer, and I am a huge fan of his music. Timo is one of my favourite producers and a great friend. Kratex is an incredible talent who deserves to let the whole world know who he is. It is very difficult to be able to choose a favourite, since each remix works great, for different moments of the party, to me, each one is perfect.

What’s the hope for the first release? Beatport No.1? Heard all over Miami Music Week? What will it take to make it a success in your eyes?

Every time we release music, we hope that it will be well received by the DJs and dance music fans. Miami Music Week is very important because it is an important way for many people to find out about the new music that is being released.  We always hope to chart, and a number 1 would be the pinacol. I’m open to surprises and hope the best for my friends and the One Dance Left label.

Can we expect a PT.2 to be released? If so, can you tell us anything about it, and who features?

Yes, there is a second EP planned which is just as strong, with more amazing artists and friends like Andre Salmon and Michael Joseph. Andre is an enlightened producer that I greatly admire and have followed for many years, having him on board is just great. We will also have some other incredible artists on this project but, I can’t say any more on that for now, stay tuned to Data Transmission and One Dance Left for the announcements.

What have you planned for the rest of the year? Any other music scheduled for release?

My plans are still the same, keep making music that makes me feel happy and honest. I am looking to play in more cities and clubs around the world, and I have more music coming on some of my favourite labels, Happy Techno, UNLEARN, MOON HARBOUR, to name a few.

You always have an eye for up-and-coming talent, DEM2, Notorious Lynch, Timo Tapani, Kratex, who else should we be looking out for?

Knowing and seeing new talent grow is very important to me at this stage of my career. Any artistic movement that has the same artists for years stagnates and rots over time in my opinion. Labels/Brands must create a platform for new talent to grow and learn alongside more experienced artists, new talent brings fresh creativity, and new movement that everyone can benefit from. Two guys I think we should keep an eye on is Jorge Andrade from Ecuador and Jeaneiffel from Peru, I love what they are both doing.

Francis, thank you for joining us, and best of luck with the release. We will catch up with you again soon for PT.2.