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Fracture – A Better Tomorrow



Label: MetalheadzScore: 8/10

Hot on the heels of his shuffling revamp of Digital & Spirit’s seminal anthem Phantom Force, producer and Astrophonica boss Fracture keeps the momentum going on his debut offering for Metalheadz.

Upon listening to A Better Tomorrow you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to the old school Blue Note days. Fracture’s production certainly bears just some of the hallmarks, or is at least reminiscent, of a classic Headz sounding record brought right up to date.  Thumping weighty kicks and tribal drum-sounding snares lay the base, with smattering of phasing synths whirring about on top. Brooding head nod music of the highest order. You can see why Goldie went mad for it quite frankly.

The pace is quickened on flipside track Gangbusters. Leaning more towards the juke/footwork side of things (as heard on his track Get Busy from last year), it’s a blend of stuttering percussion, clicks and beeps. Watch the bass too… It’s rumbling low 808’s giving it a serious lick of jungle war paint and added extra groove.

Fracture doesn’t mess about on the production boards. He’s blessed Metalheadz with two cuts of future funk that at the same time give a little nod to the old school as well. Gritty style one side, party vibes on the other. If this is a taste of what a better tomorrow sounds like then count me in.


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