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FaltyDL: Sex, Poetry and Videotapes



There seems to be a lot of contrast within the album, the one constant being that it’s representative of you. Most extended releases follow a more linear route though a particular set of sounds whereas with this album I was never quite sure where any particular track would take me. Was this spontaneity a conscious decision or just something that happened organically?

I’m never quite sure where I’m going to end up either. My final product is never something that I sat down intending to do and I love that or rather I’ve become at peace with that. With production that is sample based it starts with an idea but I never go in with a complete image in my head of what the final track is going to sound like as I have no idea what it is going to sound like.

You’ve spoken about music being your vehicle to articulate your ideas. With the variety of sounds on display on this album do you feel this album to be more biographical than previous efforts? It feels like many of the tracks were aimed at capturing moods rather than aiming for different reactions from the listener.

Yeah, that’s the thing. I made this album entirely by myself and for myself, just having fun and experimenting. There was never any pressure or expectation that anything needed to definitely go on the album. I had 40 tracks in the end to choose from but if it feels biographical then I guess that just means I’m getting more accurate at conveying my sound. Which I think is a good thing.

Cool. In regards to many of the tracks being shorter in length than your typical electronic track is this indicative of you making the album without being concerned as to whether or not it would be played within a dancefloor environment?

Definitely. I was already aware that lots of my listeners listen to my music when they’re alone and thought about some of the albums I love to listen to in that environment. Many of my favourite albums from guys like Boards Of Canada have these little one minute ambient tracks that come in and out and I love those. Have you seen the movie Shame?


Yeah I’ve seen it.

I loved that movie. I was deeply moved by that movie and wanted the end of the album to be like the end of that movie where he’s having the threesome and there is classical music coming on, with faces coming in and out, hands everywhere and everybody is touching everyone in this crazily epic part of the film. It’s almost as if he [the protaginist] is angelic despite the fact he is doing this ‘awful’ deed – which is apparently awful because we as society say it is awful – and he feels all this guilt and shame for his sexual preferences but the scene says no as the beautiful music in the background comes to the fore as if to say that it’s all OK, it’s fine to ask these questions and figure this stuff out. For me the album is about sexuality and figuring that stuff out.

That’s interesting. With the changing nature of electronic music we’re starting to see more challenging soundscapes enter the more conventional clubbing environment. Do you think crowds have become more open minded or that this is an artist led development?

Young kids are blowing the doors open to lots of different sounds.  I’ve never made a track with a label in mind or where it’s going to be played because that’s not up to me. All I can do is play some of my material in my own sets and sometimes I have a hard time doing that! So it’s interesting to see boundaries being demolished as that can only be a good thing for the future of music. When I first came to the UK I spent a year clearing rooms. I always remember playing in Nottingham at this kid’s birthday, clearing the room and realizing that people didn’t know me yet and so I was going to have to play a little less for myself and more to the crowd. I couldn’t indulge yet. Now people know me a bit better I can get away with playing the weirder more experimental stuff that I like to push.  It’s an interesting relationship as you want both parties to be happy because as a DJ the crowds happiness is naturally important.

Definitely. Obviously the album is out now but what else do you have in the pipeline? Are there any other projects you can tell us about?

I’d quite like to make a baby. That sounds like an interesting project! I also have a few non-Falty projects that I’m working on which involves writing with a couple of rappers and working on a film soundtrack so I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.

FaltyDL’s ‘In The Wild’ is out now via Ninja Tune. Check out a few slices of it below or buy your copy here

Photos: Makaya, Pawel Zanio, Jeff Brown, Carme Boixadera



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